February Calendar

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Homecoming Weekend at Canyonville Christian Academy starts out the month of February!

To prepare for Homecoming Weekend, the classes compete against each other during Spirit week to show their spirit.  The week’s competitions include Pajama Day, Nerd Day, Color Day, 70’s & 80’s Day and Blue & Gold.  Teachers especially loved 2 days of « hush buttons » where girls wore buttons that could be « stolen » by boys who made them talk and vice versa.  As of this post, it’s a close race to see which class is in the lead.

Pajama day at Canyonville Christian Academy's Spirit Week

Pajama day at Canyonville Christian Academy’s Spirit Week





The Canyonville Christian Academy cheerleaders

The Canyonville Christian Academy cheerleaders








Download your February events calendar at the link below.

[fancy_link title= »February Events Calendar » style= »link-download » color= »yellow » link= »http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/February-2013.pdf »]


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