Esther Shaffer Update

Adele asked me to post a note to let you know that Esther’s health is declining rapidly. SHE NEEDS OUR PRAYERS THAT SHE WILL BE PAIN-FREE DURING THIS TIME.

She loves Jesus and her family and she loves all of us.

Adele shared: “Mom is quickly losing ground. Roger and I are with her 24/7. She has lost her ability to taste so she does not enjoy food at all and only sips liquid. We have her drinking ensure when she is able. She is now on oxygen full-time but still having great trouble breathing, which causes her distress. Each of you, however, know… she is Esther… she could rise tomorrow for another day. Sorry to bring this news on a holiday but it is best we let you know now. We will be keeping you updated. Please do pray as you think of her. She dearly loves you all.” ~ Adele



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