Canyonville Students Meet the President:

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Cati and Anika visited Washington as part of the 2018 stock market team.
It was my privilege to meet President Donald Trump during the last days of the 2016 election. Then, a few months ago, I was able to bring to the White House members of our Canyonville Academy stock market team. Below is a picture of my meeting with the president. And then a picture of an Oval Office White House meeting with our students.
Canyonville students, meet President Trump, in the Oval office, at the White House
This summer, the president mentioned the meeting again, during one of his Rose Garden press conferences, mentioning our students by name.
Canyonville Christian Academy Board Member shakes hands with President Obama in the White House
Here also is a picture of one of our board members meeting with President Barack Obama.
Understanding and learning about leadership is an important part of getting an education. Both Neil Bush and Steven Ford have visited our campus and spoken to our students.  Neil is the brother of our 43rd president and the son of our 41st president. Steven Ford is the son of President Gerald R. Ford.

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