Un membre du Comité de Canyonville Christian Academy a rencontré Président Obama

Canyonville Christian Academy Board Member shakes hands with President Obama in the White House

 Dave Donaldson, Board Member of Canyonvile Christian Academy, meets with President Obama in the East Room of the White House.

dave donaldson, co-founder convoy of hope, board member, canyonville christian academy

Dave Donaldson is the co-founder of Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope is a leading faith-based, non-profit organization that works to feed hungry people around the world. Because of Convoy of Hope’s great knowledge and success in this area, Dave Donaldson was invited to participate in a White House consultation to help further the development and growth of the US government’s Feed the Future initiative. In this meeting, Dave Donaldson met leaders of several other faith-based organizations, government officials, and President Obama.

Convoy of Hope also works internationally to help provide disaster relief, supply lines, Health and Job Fairs, drilling wells and the Nurturing Hope nutrition program.

Mr. Donaldson and President of Canyonville Christian Academy, Mr. Doug Wead, co-founded the National Charity Awards, which « celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations that make this world a better place. Dave Donaldson is also a Director of Global PartnershipsGlobal Partnerships is a nonprofit impact investor that helps people around the world who live in poverty.

« Students at Canyonville Christian Academy have a significant advantage because they integrate faith and learning which will help them achieve at the highest levels of society. »  – Dave Donaldson


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