Alumni Activities 2018

Our alumni association is pleased to announce a series of events this coming Spring.

Make your plans now to join us and see your old classmates and friends.


May 16, 2018:

Dan Johnson, CCA alumni from class of 1958, Toledo University Provost, will be briefing students, staff and alumni on our new CCA Strategic Plan – “Preparing for Our Second Century”.

There will be two sessions from 2:30 – 3:30 pm and then at 3:30 – 4:30 pm.


June 2, 2018:

Ed John, class of 1964, former West Salem High School Principal, former Chemawa Indian School Principal, current Board Member, CCA Athletic award winner, will be speaking at our graduation.

Graduation begins at 10:10am.


After graduation join a luncheon reception with CCA president, Doug Wead (Class of 1964) and CCA Secretary – Board member, Roger Shaffer (Class of 1963), Carol « Pfau » John (Class of 1964) and many other alumni friends.

Alumni – Board Meeting, teachers and parents invited: 7pm.

In the early evening President Wead will make a formal presentation of the CCA Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Directors. All alumni will be invited to share in this moment and to participate in a discussion about the future of CCA.

Alumni – fellowship. 8 pm on. Join an informal open forum discussion with other Alumni. Share stories about the past with old friends. Sing old songs.

June 3, 2018:

Enjoy an informal morning worship service in the CCA Chapel.


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