How do I apply to Canyonville Academy and when is the deadline?

Applications can be downloaded directly from the Admissions page of our website or they can be requested by mail. All pages marked “return to Canyonville Academy” as well as translated transcripts and a copy of the first page of the passport are to be sent in either by mail or courier service along with a $50 application fee.

For the fall term, our deadline is open through the summer as space is available, but July 15th is the general deadline date. Those applying for spring term must have their applications in by January 1st or earlier.

What is your tuition cost?

Our tuition prices are as follows:

International student tuition, room & board: $48,900.00

Domestic student tuition, Room & Board: $22,000.00

High School Day Student tuition: $6,950.00

For complete boarding details visit: Tuition/Admissions

What is your policy for refunds?

  • The $50.00 application fee is not refundable
  • Please review our withdrawal policy and form here
  • We have added Tuition Insurance starting in the 2021-22 school year

What is the amount of any additional costs/fees regarding:

We have the following Fee schedule:

Mandatory fees

  • Application Fee – $50
  • Enrollment Fee – $250
  • Room Fee – $350 non-refundable
  • Incidental account  $2,000 — Unused funds are refundable.  This is fund is for airport pickup and drop off/ any testing fees, doctor copays, etc.
  • Book Fees – $300
  • Technology Fee – $250
  • PSAT Testing Fee – $25
  • Assessment Testing Fee – $50 New Students only
  • Uniforms if needed $15 for p.e. uniform
  • Meals –  3 daily meals provided for boarding students
  • Sports fee – $250 per sport
  • Medical Insurance (10 Months) – $1,375
  • Graduation fee – $750 – Seniors only

Tuition Insurance – not mandatory – call to inquire

What is the percentage of international students attending Canyonville Academy?

Each year varies but the average is between 70% & 80%.

Does your school offer ESL?

Yes. Canyonville Academy has an excellent ESL program for level 1 beginning English as well as level 2 advanced. The goal is for ESL students to become integrated into the main stream English classes as soon as possible.

For additional information click here.

Is Canyonville Academy just an International school?


Canyonville Academy is a college preparatory private Day and Boarding high school in the state of Oregon.

We are accredited through the Cognia (Formerly AdvancED).

Canyonville Academy also has dual credit courses and is partnered with Evangel University which is Nationally Accredited.  Our junior and senior students can gain college credits while in high school.  Our graduates have attended schools such as MIT, Boston University, Perdue, Rutgers University, Stony Brook University, Sloane Business School of Management, Oregon State University and many many more. See our students College Choices.

Are English proficiency tests required such as TOEFL or SLEP for admittance?

We do not require TOEFL but gladly accept SLEP test results if they are available.
This is not a requirement and an English-proficiency test will be given once a student has arrived.

How long does it take to process an application and receive an I-20?

It does not take long at all.  Canyonville Academy follows a 3 step admissions process.  If the application is properly filled out and all documents are attached, the process is quick and seamless.

We have a 3 step process:

  1. Application – Once an application is received, it is reviewed by the admissions committee and decided upon for acceptance.
  2. Acceptance – The student or agency is then notified by e-mail of acceptance. An invoice is e-mailed along with Canyonville Academy’s bank routing information and the student or agency is required to submit payment of 1 full semester plus fees by wire transfer or credit card.
  3. I – 20 – Once all the fees are paid, Canyonville Academy will then send the I-20 and other admissions documents by FedEX delivery which takes 2 or 3 days to arrive.

To view additional information about the I-20 please visit the admissions page

What type of visa does Canyonville Academy issue? Can I use a J1 visa at Canyonville?

Canyonville Academy issues the I-20 for the F1 student visa which is for multiple years.

The J1 visa is a student exchange visa is good for one academic year and can be used at our sister school Liberty Christian Academy. Contact us for additional information.

Canyonville Academy does not issue J1 visas nor do we get involved in trying to switch a student from a J1 to an F1 visa.

Canyonville Academy is strictly F1.

Are the graduation/diploma requirements for international students the same as for domestic students? (Do you waive the foreign language requirement?)

Oregon requires two of the following fine arts credits: foreign language, art or music.
The student’s native language courses generally fulfill the 2 fine arts credit requirement.

What is the percentage of graduates who matriculate into university?

We average 99% of our graduates go on to higher education.

Does a student need a laptop computer?

It is not required for a student to have a laptop. Many of our students do bring their own laptops and we have wireless internet on campus and in the dormitories. We also have a computer lab for those without laptops as well as computers in the dormitory study areas and in the student center.

Does Canyonville Academy offer home stay for international students?

No, Canyonville Academy does not provide home stay for students. We are a boarding school with dormitories for girls and for boys.

Our sister school located in America’s Heartland – Liberty Christian Academy offers Homestay. Contact us to find out more

When do the dormitories close?

  • Our dormitories are closed during the summer and during the school holidays such as our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks.
  • Students’ families are required to arrange a place for their student to go. Canyonville Academy usually offers some kind of planned trip during the Thanksgiving and Spring break, but it is optional and does cost extra.
  • Boys/girls may not plan a trip to stay together during these breaks.
  • A calendar of the school year is available for downloading and planning.  Please click here for the calendar.
  • All travel should be arranged around the proper dates of the school calendar.
  • Students should not leave earlier or return later than the specified dates. Doing so will affect the students overall grades and cost more for the travel fee.

Where are the airports in Oregon and is airport transportation available?

Yes, Canyonville Academy has transportation available.  Oregon has 3 major airports.

The 2 airports closest to the school are Medford (MFR) and Eugene (EUG) which are both about 1.5 driving hours away.

Portland (PDX) is the largest airport but is also the furthest away at 3.5 driving hours for one way.

The travel fees vary by distance and also by the number of other students that are also picked up.  A large percentage of the incidental account goes for travel fees.  You can view the travel fee’s document here.

What are the requirements for graduation?

Standard Track

English: 4
Mathematics: 3
Social Studies: 3
Science: 3
Health: 1
Physical Education (PE): 2
Fine Arts/Applied Arts/Foreign Languages: 3
Bible: 4
Electives: 5

Credit Totals Required: 28

College Track

English: 4
Mathematics: 4
Social Studies: 3
Science: 4
Health: 1
Physical Education (PE): 2
fine Arts/Applied Arts/Foreign Languages: 3 or more
Bible: 4
Electives: 5

Credit Totals Required: 28

Does Canyonville Academy accept transfer students?

Yes we do!

From another American school, most credits will transfer.

The same is true for a good majority of international schools. An international student studying at another American school that holds an I-20 for the F1 student visa must also have his I-20 transferred from that school to Canyonville Academy. We will assist in the process.

Is Canyonville Academy a religious school?

Canyonville Academy is not affiliated with any particular church denomination and welcomes students of all faiths.

Canyonville Academy is a Christian school, and believes that faith in God is the foundation for a healthy, well rounded life.

We have a chapel service on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Visit our Mission page for more details.

Please see our COVID FAQs