Not only does Canyonville Christian Academy desire for its students to excel academically, but it also wants them to have memorable life experiences as they explore the West Coast of the United States.

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Canyonville Christian Academy offers a wide variety of unique and exciting events and activities for its international boarding students. Activities range from shopping trips to the mall and other stores to watching NBA basketball games in Portland, OR. Throughout the year, this private school also has all-school events such as rafting or jet boating, junior pie auction, an all-nighter, and a survivor race competition.

CCA offers trips for Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks! This is a great way for students to see the west coast of the United States, experience American culture, and further their English speaking skills.

Check out our website at the beginning of every month and download our┬ámonthly activities calendar! This calendar includes all the activities planned for the month as well as upcoming sports’ games and the birthdays of CCA’s students, faculty, and staff.

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Black & White Fall Party

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