Esther Lange Kenny ’73

Esther reports that in her job/ministry as International Recordings Coordinator for “Faith Comes by Hearing” she has been involved in bringing 68 New Testament audio recordings to completion in 2012.  Each one of these makes God’s Word available to another language group.



  1. There remain, I am happy to say, large numbers of additional recordings yet to be released. The current plans are, once all the previous Testament albums have been issued on CD by HighTone, to embark on a program of further releases that will finally make available all the recordings that remain unreleased. So, look forward to selections by Big Boy Spires, Honeyboy Edwards, John Lee Henley, George, Ethel and Ruby McCoy, Doug Quattlebaum, Charles Copeland, Jimmy Brewer, Carl Martin and Ted Bogan, Blind Blues Darby, Jake and Frank Gilmore, Yank Rachell, John Henry Barbee, Willie Hatcher, Leroy Dallas and a host of others known and unknown. You’ll not be disappointed.

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