ESL Program

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Richard Wang arrived from Dalian, China speaking not a word of English

Canyonville Academy offers a full program of study for international students who want to learn English. Classes range from beginning to advanced levels. Our program begins with a solid foundation in basic conversation as well as introductory grammar and reading and writing skills. It then moves quickly into a more academic track.

The ESL Department at Canyonville Academy is committed to excellence in teaching, ensuring ample opportunity for fluency in English, as well as a basic understanding of American culture and the Christian worldview.

Unlike our mainstream classes, many of the ESL courses are intensive and one-semester. Our students can advance each semester as their fluency develops. A student entering the ESL program at the beginning level therefore has the opportunity to enter mainstream classes in one year. In order for students to transition this quickly, our classes focus almost predominantly on English until a sufficient fluency is attained to ensure success in their more advanced mainstream and collegiate studies.

We have two possible tracks of study:

Beginning Level Track

Semester 1 – Grammar and Composition 1, Listening and Speaking 1,  Basic Bible, Music, and PE.

Semester 2 – Grammar and Composition 2, Listening and Speaking 2, Basic Bible, Music and PE.

Intermediate / Advanced Level Track

Semester 1 – Grammar and Composition 3, Listening and Speaking 3, Basic Christianity, American History, Math, PE and Fine Arts.

Semester 2 – Grammar and Composition 4, Listening and Speaking 4, Basic Christianity, American History, Math, PE and Fine Arts.

Students who desire, or need extra reinforcement may request tutoring from several of our qualified teachers. Both individual and group tutoring sessions can be organized.

Placement and Advancement

The primary goal of the ESL program is to ensure student success in their mainstream academic career, both at the high school level and in college prep. We work hard with students to make sure they have every opportunity to meet their academic English goals. Certain benchmarks must be met so that students are not improperly placed in classes too low or too high to meet their English needs. Assessment, therefore, is a part of the program.

FOCUS: Our goal is to move students into mainstream courses within one year. To do this, students must be focused on learning English. A policy of ENGLISH ONLY will be strictly observed in all classrooms and common areas. Students who adhere to this policy as much as possible will find that advancement into higher levels of academics comes more easily to those who truly focus on speaking English only. Dorms and play areas will be an exception for the students, as they need a break from the constant drain of immersion studies.

New, incoming students will be evaluated via testing to determine their English level in order to place them in the proper classes. Students will have several opportunities to take the TOEFL test each year. Our counseling office can register students for testing in nearby test centers.

To aid us in advance planning, students who have taken the SLEP or TOEFL in the last six months, should fax or send a copy of the results to our office.

Students who are entering from other English programs must meet with the ESL Director to make sure they are placed in courses appropriate for their needs. Welcome weekend will include a new student orientation. During that time, students will be required to submit a writing sample, meet with the director for an interview, and take an assessment test.

Vacation Breaks – Covid Updates

Every year Canyonville Academy offers students (ESL and all others) several options for traveling during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. Because dorms will be closed, this is a great opportunity to experience different cultures and discover the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Western United States and Canada. We often have trips to the East coast as well. Make arrangements early! We will be posting options for sign up as well as prices and payment deadlines.

Important information – With Covid restrictions, these trips have been discontinued until it is safe to travel again.