What Can A Drone Do?

christian boarding school, gets new drone, Phantom 3

Canyonville Christian Academy is about to find out what a drone can do.  The boarding school’s newly purchased drone is going through some testing this week and next week as it is getting ready for some serious work.

What can a Drone do?

  1. Well, for starters, it can give you a birds eye view of your campus
  2. A drone can follow you around on a tour
  3. It can be programmed to fly a certain path (depending on the one you buy)
  4. Also, it can make sports events way more interesting from different angles
  5. It can inspect buildings and roofs without having to go up on ladders
  6. A drone can also inspect a tree from a bit of a distance of course

What else can a drone do?

There are different types of drones for different tasks, but CCA’s is to help others see the private school campus at a different angle.  It can also help see sports from interesting angles.  The drone can also be used to record campus events such as Survivor, Field day and Christmas decorating.

Where ever students are involved doing fun activities, that is what CCA’s drone will do!


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