Use The Internet As a Study Tool

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Doing a little digging on the internet about a class topic can be an effective study tool.

I am amazed every day by students that don’t even make a cursory attempt to do a little digging about a class topic.  Even an introductory reading of Wikipedia by a student is a remarkable rare event.

[u_heading css_animation=»appear»]2 Simple Study Tips[/u_heading]

1. If a name, place, concept, event, etc. comes up in a lecture or course readinglook it up.  You will be amazed by how often you will learn additional material that you didn’t get in class.

2.  Follow some rabbit trails and see where they go.

I’m quite certain that the average third grader could out-surf me on the net — but are they looking for cute cat videos and celebrity news.

Roger Shaffer


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