Things I Would Do Different if Starting My Education Over

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Studying to become a better student takes time and discipline.  It is a process and helps you to learn well and study better…

If I was starting my education over today, the one thing I’d do differently is:

A)  Build a library of the most important books I’ve read and I would have underlined the stuffing out of the books.  I would also have a page or two of notes stuck inside the front cover of each book summarizing the key ideas and concepts of the author.

B) Also, I should have collected and filed key magazine and newspaper articles.

C) And my collection should have started in college with the central textbooks and assigned readings.

To have this material for reference, to reread, to loan, to use in preparing my classes – this would be priceless and pure gold.

~ Roger S
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to improve your study skills, include note taking, underlining and highlighting

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