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As we continue on learning some valuable study tips, here is one that will help you find the right book without feeling guilty about not reading one you «thought» was right.

There are lots of mediocre and nearly worthless book – based on my interests, limited time available for reading.  If a writer cannot «grab» me in the first 40 to 50 pages, perhaps this is a book that is not right for me.

If you finish every book you start, you are doing it wrong. Don’t have a guilty conscience about quitting. You are not quitting reading, you are merely moving along to a different book that you believe might prove to be more interesting or valuable.

Some colleges and city libraries have more than a million books. I live in a small town but I still have access to millions of titles through interlibrary loan.  In a recent year, over 328,000 new titles and editions were published in the United States.

Even the most avid readers are going to read only a small fraction of one percent of what is available. Make your reading hour count.

~ Roger S

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how to become a better student, reading tips, studying tips

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