Using A Study Calendar Helps Improve Your Study Skills

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In college I had a study calendar on which I filled in each day with the number of hours I had studied.  At the end of the week, I posted a total.  ~Roger Shaffer

Study Calendar Can Help Attain Perspective And Improve Study Habits

I see widely divergent surveys of how much high school and college students study but Study tips, 9th grade English course, top international boarding school, canyonville, Oregonmy research shows that high school students are not too far from an average of one hour per day (seven hours per week) and college students are averaging about twice as much (two hours per day, 14 hours per week).

Of course, the goal here is not to be average or to get by. One recent study showed 10-15% of college students studying more than 25 hours per week.  (3.5) hours per day).

It is important to be honest with yourself about your work ethic.  As you reflect on your habits, something to consider would be looking at school as your «full time occupation».  Then your class time plus study time benefit from approaching the 40 hour figure. (This helps keep things in perspective)

At the high end of the line for the best and brightest, the numbers might be 15 or 20 study hours per week in high school and 30 to 40 study hours per week in college.  These would be study time only, and not including classroom time.

For anyone now laughing, I would suggest that in some Asian cultures and families, even these numbers might be on the low side.

– Roger S


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