Our New Student Center: The PX Café

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Here at Canyonville Academy, our student center, fondly called The PX, has been a source of entertainment, snacks, drinks, school supplies and many other things for our students for years. It serves as a place for students to relax after school, to grab a bite to eat, or watch some TV with friends. As time has continued, the PX has had multiple changes. We’ve changed the items we sell, we’ve changed the colors of paint, we’ve added or removed furniture. However, this year, the PX got its biggest remodel in decades!

Students during lunch at the PX Cafe

«It had been several years since I was last able to work with the student due to health reasons, and I missed it terribly.» These are the words of Mrs. Sheri Nutter, who volunteered this past Christmas break to remodel the PX. «In the summer of 2018, I had begun praying for God to make a way for me to work at Canyonville Academy again.» She crafted a vision for a new and improved PX: the PX Cafe. » Immediately I thought of a college campus student center. Something comfy that students could relax and gather in for conversation, games, studying, or just relaxing.» A darker, more homey tone to the paint on the walls. Less plastic chairs, more comfy couches. Less harsh, bright lights, more dim, soothing ones.

The PX, Reborn

New Iced Coffee Drink

Mrs. Nutter, along side many helpful volunteers, worked throughout Christmas break, and well into the new school year, to remodel many things about the PX. As a result, the outcome has been astonishing. The students now have a much more modern, relaxing and beautiful place to enjoy homemade coffee and snacks. One of the student managers, Angela Lee, found that the students love the changes. She said that the students «…were curious first and then fell in love of the new form of ‘PX’. Most the students are really enjoying the drinks and the new atmosphere of PX which feels like a real coffee shop.»

Mrs. Nutter was very happy with the student’s reaction to the remodel. «When the café reopened, the staff and students fell in love with the new space immediately. It was incredibly rewarding to hear the resounding chorus of “Wow!” – I felt so blessed that God had used me, a broken vessel by any standards, to bring such joy to the campus. The PX Café (or PXC) was born!»

Mrs. Judy Jones, a beloved member of our staff who went to school at Canyonville Academy years ago, agreed. «I understand and am still learning to accept change. But I really enjoy the coffee shop! Each change has been an improvement as far as painting and brightening!» Judy believes that each generation has their own vibe. Because of the changes, it seems that the PX Cafe has nailed the current generation’s vibe. «The students seem to enjoy being here… I come in much more often now!»

Students during lunchA Learning Experience for the Students

Not only has the remodel made for a nicer place on our campus to relax, but it’s also providing the students with valuable job experience. Every student who is working at the PX Cafe can get a job reference from Mrs. Nutter as a manager. The students are required to have their food handlers license, and learn how to run a cash register and till. They are required to keep the kitchen clean, and learn the proper way to make espresso shots.

As a result, when these students apply for a job, regardless of what that job is, the employer will see that they worked at a real Cafe. They will have real experience working with others. That amount of experience is invaluable. Angela, who also helps with the scheduling and maintenance of the store, said «It’s a whole new experience that most of the people won’t get until they enter adulthood. It’s a lot to learn, a lot to handle as a manager. Because of this, the results out of the effort are priceless.»

Mrs. Nutter agreed with the idea of students working at the PX Cafe getting real job experience: «I love teaching students a hands-on skill that will propel them forward in their lives with a job skill, and confidence. Combining my coffee shop experience with my vocational teaching experience was a thrilling prospect!»

Students making noodles at the PX CafeA Huge Thank You To Everyone Involved

We want to thank Mrs. Nutter, and everyone who was vital to the remodel of the PX. Because of the time, effort and passion given to the PX Cafe, it has been given a chance to thrive. It has made the campus of Canyonville Academy feel so much more alive. We hope the PX Cafe can continue to serve our students, faculty and staff for many years to come.

«I couldn’t have imagined a year ago what God had in store for me. It has been greater than anything I could have dreamt for myself. Working with the students again, watching them enjoy the new PXC, working and learning – seeing staff and students relax and truly embrace the new space. This just gives me the biggest thrill. I love seeing the ways a Mighty God brings joy and fulfillment to our lives. He knows the desires of our hearts – and if we turn ourselves over to Him, we will begin to see His divine plan for our lives. We aren’t just making coffee – we are making life changes. We are growing as people, and servants. And enjoying some amazing coffee while we do it!» – Mrs. Nutter


Mr. Nutter helped with the PX Cafe

Mrs. Nutter posing for the PX Cafe


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