New Math Class Announced

Canyonville Christian Academy boarding school

Discrete Mathematics will be offered

We received word today from the head of our mathematics department, Mike Rosenborg, that CCA will now offer Discrete Mathematics as part of it’s math curriculum.  In Mr. Rosenborg’s own words:

«I’m happy to announce a new (for CCA) math class for next term: Discrete Mathematics. It will replace Matrix Algebra (but not Linear Algebra), and will include the topics of set theory, symbolic logic, and abstract mathematical systems. This type of course has become quite popular in colleges and universities across the US, and is purposely titled «discrete» in order to contrast its subject matter with analysis courses such as calculus, which are concerned with continuous processes. Its topics are fundamental to mathematicians, but are also of utility to computer scientists and electrical engineers, among others. Prerequisite will be Precalculus or College Algebra-Trigonometry.»

Canyonville Christian Academy boarding school


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