Christian Boarding School Develops Girls’ Soccer Program

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This fall Canyonville Christain Academy offers girls' soccer for the first time in school history!

For the first time in this Christian boarding school’s 93 year history, it offers a girls’ soccer program!  Canyonville Christian Academy’s athletic director, Lance Nutter collaborated with local high school, South Umpqua, to create a cooperative arrangement for any girls interested in playing soccer at CCA to play on South Umpqua’s girls’ soccer team.  Canyonville Christian Academy had three girls qualify for South Umpqua’s varsity team and four for their junior varsity team!    

Jessica Johns, a teacher at Canyonville Christian Academy, is the assistant coach for South Umpqua’s girls’ varsity team and the head coach for the girls’ JV team.  Coach Johns’ shares that this collaboration between schools has made it possible for both soccer teams to benefit from several coaches and assistants, as well as great practice facilities.  Coach Johns’ looks forward to seeing her players develop in their soccer skills and learn how to work together as a team in a friendly environment.  

«In their short time together this season, the girls have shown great enthusiasm and growth.  It is awesome to see two schools working together as one and being able to play soccer.  I am excited to see the girls continue to work hard and have fun!»

– Coach Johns

About Coach Johns

Christian Academy, in Canyonville, develops girls' soccer program, girls on the team, stand with coach, smiling on a bridge

Jessica Johns has been a teacher at Canyonville Christian Academy for two years.  She is an alumni of CCA and attended this Christian boarding school for all four years of high school.  Jessica says that CCA was like a second home for her.  She was thrilled when she was invited back to teach at CCA! 

Jessica grew up in California, but considers herself an Oregonian.  Before coming back to Canyonville Christian Academy, she worked as an instructional assistant helping special education students and as an outdoor education teacher for disadvantaged youth.  Ms. Johns has an Associate of Arts degree in Arts and Humanities and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Intercultural Ministries.  She teaches Art History, English 1 & 2, ESL American Culture, Visual Arts, and Physical Education.   

In her classes, Ms. Johns is looking forward to the different seasons of learning as the emphases and projects change.  Jessica cares deeply about the mission of CCA.  She feels that she can help students reach their full potential, including in their spiritual walk with God.  She finds joy in seeing the students grow over the years and in knowing they are prepared to take the next steps in life. 


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