Boone Hall Celebrates Resident Students Birthdays!

dorm life at a christian boarding school, celebrating birthdays, having fun

Every year students pack their bags and move thousands of miles away from their family, friends, and lives in their home countries. They come here to a small town in southern Oregon, all for an education that will help them get accepted into a good university and obtain the career of their dreams.

Now as you can imagine being that far away from everything you had known and held close to your heart could make the holidays and birthdays very lonely. That is why here in Boone Hall, we celebrate every single birthday that takes place during the school year with some sort of cake. We bring all of the students from our dorm into Hunt Hall and celebrate with cake, singing, and fun!

dorm life at a christian boarding school, celebrating birthdays, having fun, birthday cake in the dorm
canyonville christian academy, boarding school, boys dorm, boone hall

Boone Hall is a large dorm with over 40 students living here. We try very hard to make it feel like home for every student in the dorm. Not only does celebrating their birthdays help them enjoy some delicious cake with friends, but it also helps bring the entire dorm together as a family to celebrate each other. On the day where they should be celebrating with their family, we go out of the way to help them have fun and feel like they belong to the Boone Hall family.

Hope you enjoy the picture of our Boone Hall family as we celebrate another birthday.

– Jeremy Cannon
Dean of Men – Boone Hall


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