Canyonville Boarding School Offers Family Atmosphere!

family atmosphere at private christian academy, in southern oregon, canyonvilleCanyonville Christian Academy stands out as a boarding school. Its family atmosphere is highly desirable and it enriches students, while empowering them with core values and ethics.  These have a life-long, profound effect on student lives.

Canyonville Christian Academy gives students the individualized education they need, while offering award-winning programs and activities they enjoy.  The student teacher ratio is 11:1.

While teaching them core classes is very important, Canyonville Christian Academy also teaches leadership and integrity helping equip students for college and life.

Most of Canyonville Christian Academy teachers live on campus.  These teachers develop good relationships with their students, aiding them in the tough business of growing up far from home.  These students are well prepared in advance in the skills of being independent, making good decisions, integrity and leadership.

Canyonville Christian Academy is dedicated to giving them specific help in preparation for future studies.  With AP classes available on campus, and SAT and TOPHEL testing available at specific locations in Southern Oregon, students study hard.  International students wanting to continue to college are eager to learn English in ESL classes and immersion studies.  They receive individualized help as they need it.

Opportunities abound at Canyonville Christian Academy.  Please check us out!


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