Ed and Carrol Johns Visit Canyonville Christian Academy

Ed Johns ’64 was on Canyonville Christian Academy campus to act as a consultant for the school.  His purpose was to evaluate the private high school’s – programs, facilities and give CCA his advice on the future of the school.

Ed is now semi-retired, and is working as a consultant with the Salem Oregon School District.  Prior to retiring, he was the principle of West Salem High School, (newest Salem School with over 2000 students).  Ed has also served as a past board member of the CCA board.

During his evaluation, Ed and Carrol (also from class of ’64) stopped in to visit with Esther Shaffer.
Alumni Students, visit private high school, southern oregon

Ed and Carrol Johns stopped by to say hi to Esther Shaffer!  What a fun surprise to catch up after all these years.



  1. […] Esther still lives on campus and enjoys visiting with students when they stop by.  Roger Shaffer is still teaching (Seminar Class) and is Chief Financial Officer […]

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