Dr. Joe Davis of Southeastern University Speaks At Canyonville Christian Academy

Dr. Joe Davis of Southeastern University, international students, Canyonville Christian Academy
Dr. Joe Davis, Southeastern University, International Students, Canyonville Christian Academy

Canyonville Christian Academy had the great privilege of having Dr. Joe Davis of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida speak to its students about ethics, philosophy, world religions, and Christianity. Dr. Davis has a PhD in Apologetics (reasoned arguments in the justification of a theory or religious doctrine) from Westminister Theological Seminary. He teaches and encourages students to use rational thought, science, and statistics to prove and support the legitimacy of their beliefs.

During his two days on campus, Dr. Davis had three sessions with Canyonville Christian Academy’s student body and two smaller sessions with its Philosophy classes and upperclassmen. Each assembly with the student body had a specific focus: ethics, world religions, or Christianity. Dr. Davis started the sessions by introducing the topic with a teaching and ended with a Q & A time with the students.

Canyonville Christian Academy’s students had many excellent questions for Dr. DavisInternational students, Canyonville Christian Academy, Dr. Joe Davis, Southeastern University such as, “Where does human worth originate from? What caused God? Aren’t all religions basically the same and worship the same God? How do we know there is life after death? Why do bad things happen to good people? How can a loving God allow for suffering?” With each question Dr. Davis replied not just by simply giving an answer to the question, but he guided the students through the process of discovering how and why his answer was the most logical conclusion. The minds of Canyonville Christian Academy’s students were greatly challenged throughout this two-day seminar not only by Dr. Davis’ teaching but also from trying to find a question he couldn’t answer!


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