Dr. Faiz Rahman Speaks At School Chapel Service

One of the top boarding schools in the nation had the founder of Good News India speak for their student chapel.

Reverend Dr. Faiz Rahman
visited Canyonville Christian Academy and spoke to the Christian Academy’s student body at the school’s weekly chapel service.

Rev. Rahman spoke on how he came to know Christ, as he was born and raised in a Muslim home in Calcutta, India.  In one of his testimonies he explained how there were miracles happening around him that had no other explanation except that it was God.  This led him to believe that the one and only God was very real, he found the joy of Salvation in Jesus Christ while he was in High School at the Assembly of God Church School in Calcutta under the ministry of Missionaries Mark and Huldah Buntain.

Dr Fiaz Rahman with Soniya at Canyonville Christian Academy, in Canyonville, Oregon. This is one of the Top International Boarding Schools in the USAReverend Rahman is the founder of Good News India a nonprofit Organization that rescue’s orphaned and/or destitute children in India BEFORE they are sold into bonded slavery.  This ministry has an outreach to the destitute children of Southern Asia and operates 25 centers in North India, where nearly 2500 children are fed, housed, educated and taught the Word of God. This includes a remote tribe who has been, until now, a violent, marauding, primitive tribal group.

Good News India also operates a large Leper Colony with 50 adults and their 85 children. Very few ministries are reaching out in a concerted and strategic effort to minister to the many hundreds of lepers that live a miserable existence in Orissa and West Bengal. Good News India feeds/clothes/medicates about 350 lepers in 4 different centers.

Rev. Rahman continued to share stories and testimonies to the students for 45min.  He then asked Soniya Sherpa a boarding student from India to share a few words of testimony.  Soniya is one of the rescued children from Rev Rahman’s ministry.

Dr Rahman and Soniya from Good News India, in front the the Girls Dorm at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville, Oregon. CCA is one of the Top International Boarding Schools in the United States

Soniya came to CCA through help of M.j. Benson a CCA alumnus herself. M.J. is currently on staff with Good News India, and was instrumental in guiding Soniya through the 2 year process to complete all necessary paper to be able to come to CCA. As part of CCA’s outreach for teenagers from all over the world, the school is providing Soniya with a scholarship to make it possible for her to attend.   Soniya has excellent English skills, is a very good student and is a beautiful Christian young lady.  We are very glad to have her.


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