Diamond Lake Trip

diamond lake trip, christian boarding school students, enjoying a day to play

After a busy 3 days of registration and class scheduling, it was time for a break.

Morning started as one of those beautiful late summer days, that starts with blue skies and a cool morning, promising to warm up in the early afternoon.

The school busses were loaded with students and teachers.  Our cooks set out a bit earlier than the busses, to have lunch ready for the students as they arrived.

As the busses arrived at the high mountain lake, students spilled out and huddled together in small groups looking out at the water.

As the warm sun beaconed to the students, some started by eating the lunch waiting for them, others started exploring the beach.  Then they spied the boats.  There were canoes, kayaks, paddles boats, skimmers, and pontoon boats.

A couple of brave ones jumped in the cool water.  Life guards smiled as they watched.

Pretty soon, the students were getting life jackets on, and selecting a boat to try.  The boys really liked the kayaks, and skimmers.  Both boys and girls really enjoyed the paddle boats too.  Canoes took a while to get the hang of, but the students figured it out and enjoyed venturing out on the lake.  More got in the water to swim.

Additionally, there were bikes to ride and trails to explore.

Later that evening, there was a catered meal brought out to the lake, followed by a campfire and s’mores.

The busses then loaded back up and brought all the students back to the school.

It really was a great first week of school.


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