December Event Calendar

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December Has Arrived!

Students are back from a few days off for the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving.  Many of the students went on the CCA trip to the Seattle area where they enjoyed swimming, go karts, shopping and lots of eating.  They returned saying that they had a lot of fun.  Other students went home for this traditional holiday.

Speaking of traditions, it is basketball season at Canyonville Christian Academy!!  The first weekend in December, CCA is sponsoring a basketball tournament.  It should be a great opening for the 2011-2012 season.  The CCA Pilots are ready for an exciting season of basketball.  We will post photos of the tournament and also of our cheerleading team.

This is a shorter month due to the Christmas break that begins on December 16th.  Get your events calendar today!

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 The familiar path to east campus.



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