December Activities Calendar

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Download Canyonville Christian Academy’s December Activities Calendar and see what’s in store for CCA’s students before they head back home for Christmas Break!

Christmas Tree - December Activities CalendarThanksgiving Break has come and gone, but Christmas Break (December 19 – January 6, 2015)  is not far behind! In just a couple of weeks, students will be heading back home or going to be with other loved ones or host families in the States. Students are still studying hard just with the joy of Christmas and the anticipation of being with family and friends in their hearts and on their minds. Some of the activities planned for students at Canyonville Christian Academy this month are a Eugene Mall & Asian Market Trip, an Ami Sushi order in night (one of the students favorites!), and an all school event to watch The Hobbit 3 in the movie theater!

With December also comes the start of Canyonville Christian Academy’s winter sports. CCA’s Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Basketball teams started out the season strong with a win for each team for their first games! Canyonville Christian Academy basketball teams will have a game each week. They will also have two tournaments, one hosted by CCA, before Christmas Break.

Canyonville Christian Academy also has special Christmas events planned for its students. Each of the dorms will have a Christmas party of their own, including a gift exchange among the students and their deans for some of the dorms. CCA’s drama club will be putting on a special Christmas Skit! Then, the night before Christmas break Canyonville Christian Academy’s wonderful choir will have their Christmas Concert followed by elegant desserts.


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