Seminar Class Students Visit Washington DC

Top Christian Academy, boarding students, visit The White House, in Washington DC

Stock Market Success: Seminar class does it again!

The cultural class popularly called “Seminar” attends many unique cultural events and Art functions such as ballets, opera’s, plays at the Shakespearean Theater (located in Ashland Oregon), NBA games, Football games, listens to orchestra’s and takes yearly trips to Los Angeles Museums, learns about the stock market, learns how to compete with simulated games and real stock investments.  Learns about economics and more.  

Due to continued excellent winnings in the Stock Market, this year, the class is taking several trips.  The first one was to Washington DC where the students visited the capitol, toured the White House, attended an Opera, walked the National Mall.  They also visited the Smithsonian museum, Air and Space museum, the Hirshhorn museum, the Kennedy Center and many other wonderful places. 

The largely international group of students were from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan while the USA boarding students were from Oregon, California and a Japanese Army base. 

Canyonville Christian Academy is a top Christian Boarding school located on the West Coast, in Southern Oregon.  The school started in 1924 and has been working with international students for 20+ years. 



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