Canyonville Academy Coronavirus Information and Resources

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COVID-19 Information And Resources

Canyonville Academy is working hard to keep students, parents, faculty and staff updated with information regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) virus. This page will provide the steps Canyonville Academy has taken to prevent the spread of illness, public resources provided by various government sources, letters sent to parents and guardians, and up-to-date information regarding cancelled schooling events and any further information that would affect the well being of everyone on campus.

We ask that if any student, faculty or staff is feeling ill or have a fever that they stay home until they go 24 hours without showing any symptoms. Please do not come to campus if you are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms, as noted by documentation provided by the CDC (found on this page).

We also ask that anyone who has traveled to/in, or had close contact with someone who has, any country with a CDC warning level 3 or 4, do not come to campus for your safety and the safety of others.

Please know that the administration here at Canyonville Academy are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19. We are dedicated to remaining in close contact with families as we work through the complexities caused by the effects of the virus.

Notices Sent Out To Canyonville Academy Student’s Families

July 15, 2020
Greetings from Canyonville Academy,
Recent changes for international students studying in the USA have led many students, parents and agents to call, or email asking us what is allowed and what is not allowed. Here is what we know:
July 6th , 2020 a news release from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) informed schools and students that they have modified temporary exemptions for non-immigrant students taking online courses due to the pandemic for the fall 2020 semester.

These changes on July 6, 2020 notified us that ICE modified temporary exemptions by not allowing F-1 and M-1 visa holding foreign national students from being physically present in the US if they take more than 1 online course resulting in more than 3 credits as part of the educational program for the fall 2020 semester. This change created a lot of confusion for students as they scrambled to prepare for fall 2020 entry.

In March, 2020, SEVP authorized a temporary exemption regarding online courses for the spring and summer semesters. This gave F-1 student visa holders permission to take more online courses than normally allowed for a student holding an F-1 or M-1 visa. This assisted these students in maintaining a full course load to the end of the 2019-2020 school year successfully.

Yesterday, the July 6th ruling changed back to the temporary March exemption allowing F-1 and M-1 student visas for those who will be studying in the US this fall and have to start with online only courses. Many students are very relieved about this change as it helps them to finish their education, keeping them from a lot of extra fees, and for those who went home, the ability to return to the United States and take online classes if needed while their school of choice works to reopen safely. Thus, giving the students opportunity to continue their overseas education while following their hopes and dreams.

Throughout this time, Canyonville Academy continues to stay steady. We are preparing a hybrid model of courses for both online and in class sessions. We continue to stay open. We continue to prepare. Canyonville Academy is working hard planning for our fall 2020 semester start schedule. Our student safety first preparations along with our students well-being is of utmost importance as we prepare for this 2020 school year start.

We continue to keep you informed,

Corinne Burkhert
Chief Executive Officer
Canyonville Academy

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Greetings from Canyonville Academy.

As a private boarding school, we have been on the front lines of education undergoing drastic changes over these past 6 months. We’ve witnessed an array of uncertainty, unknowns, and in some places fear.  These common adversaries are what people around the globe are now facing every day.  The question we’re left with is this:  How will educators all over the world overcome a pandemic that has branded people of all races, religions and social statuses?

Here is what we discovered as we worked through the last 3 months of our school year:

Embrace change – As change approaches, as it always will, look for the opportunities that help define you, and help you and others to succeed.
Find opportunity – Educational moments are all around us.  As you find the opportunities, help those around you lean in and learn from these opportunities, these educational moments.
Become adaptable – As you embrace the change, work with it, realize that you are facilitating others to see defining moments which will help them become adaptable, encouraged and to succeed.

For the start of the 2020 school year, we are preparing a Restart Team, and will work to keep you informed about distance learning, teachers changing rooms instead of students, etc. We are also ordering more disinfecting equipment and additional PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), such as masks, gloves and sanitizers to have on hand for distribution. Upon entering and exiting buildings, students and staff will have their temperatures taken, and be given hand sanitizer.

Additionally, we are working on our Operational Blueprint for Reentry.  This is a state mandate for public and private schools, and will outline how we will be able to open for the fall of 2020. This will be submitted to our board of directors, then to our local Public Health Authority.

Lastly, we are developing a Communicable Disease Management Plan, which will be updated as the situation progresses. Canyonville continues to be a very safe place. In Douglas county as a whole, we have only seen 54 cases since lockdown started in February. Even with these numbers, we will continue to remain cautious and strategize the best possible solutions
in safety and success for your students.

We continue to keep you informed.

Corinne Burkhert – CEO
Canyonville Academy
Email –

Greetings from Canyonville Academy,

It is with a grateful heart that I write to you, telling you how thankful we are that we were able to finish our school year strong! Holding a small, formal, yet in-person graduation has aided tremendously with keeping student spirits high in this hard time. It has served as a beacon of hope for their future, and we believe it will strengthen their transition into their next phase of life.

15 days have now passed since we graduated the class of 2020, and the staff here at Canyonville Academy have been slowly finding our new normal. As all of us around the globe adjust to a new way of life, we rest in the joy and satisfaction of having finished another successful school year.

As the campus has emptied and life has slowed down a bit, I find myself pondering the last 9 months, and what they have taught me. What I have learned is that going through hard times has the potential to bring out the best and worst of humanity. We can’t change the hand we’re given, but I am proud to say that the staff at Canyonville Academy have been exemplary with their resourcefulness and creativity during the Covid-19 crisis. Our priority has always been the health, safety, and success of your children. While no doubt a challenge, we are delighted to have accomplished this goal!

If I try to describe or summarize this 2019-20 school year, I think it would summarize as follows:

The beginning of the 2019-2020 school year felt like a calm before a storm. Things fell into place, and soon we were in a rhythm of classes, sports and campus life. Little did we know, a virus that would challenge everyone globally was on the horizon. This led us to preparing and strategizing on how to protect our students. It was in this time we realized that embracing change as it occurred was a worthy choice.

While change is usually hard to adjust to, walking our students through change and challenges would be an educational moment that might not replicate itself in their lifetime. These valuable lessons were priceless. and one opportunity after another showed us that our student body was learning from something none of us have ever walked through. What a pivotal defining moment in history and in their lives!

As we all adjusted, our faculty and staff worked together to present the best possible outcomes for our students health and safety, and education while keeping all government mandates. We communicated all our moves and strategies to parents worldwide, helping to ease their fears.

As we continued forward through the year, we felt it important to lean in and to finish strong. We had run the race, and as we approached the end of the year, we had to finish well, and so we began to plan graduation. We spent countless hours brainstorming, reviewing and coordinating. This monumental moment in our students’ lives was of utmost importance. This was their story to tell. It was their graduation. It is this, that we celebrate.

This defining moment: Class of 2020 – We celebrate your success. Congratulations!!

Corinne Burkhert – CEO
Canyonville Academy

May 8, 2020

Greeting from Canyonville Academy,

As students prepare to finish this school year, we are looking ahead to the fall. Students at Canyonville Academy have been able to enjoy our healthy and safe campus while continuing their education through this Covid19. Through this unprecedented time, students all over the world experienced a disruption of their education, especially senior students.
While this tremendous disruption took place, all over the world, students have been faced with their own emotions of worry, stress, and questions as they try to look forward. Our students admit to being worried for their parents, family members and friends back home. Many parents have told their student to stay and complete their educational year while they can. This is where Canyonville Academy has given them the support, assurance and dedication to help them complete their educational year without a gap.

We here at Canyonville Academy are thankful for the opportunity to continue our students education, and move forward with a formal graduation. How can we do this? We can do this through the due diligence of our teachers, staff and support staff. We can do this because as a private school, we have been able to continue teaching while following all of our Oregon Governor’s protocol. Additionally as a private school, we are in a rural area, away from the large cities that have succumbed to this virus. Due to our location, it has allowed students to feel safe and secure. We are able because we are over 3,000 miles from the large outbreaks of the Coronavirus that is rampant on the east coast of the United States. Lastly, we are able due to our small town community that watches out for each other, and cares.

Canyonville Academy is planning on holding it’s Graduation on May 30 th at 10:00am.

Canyonville Academy will be using social distancing etiquette and for any parents that plan on arriving, we will give out free masks to ensure that:
1. Parents are welcome
2. Students continue to feel safe
3. We celebrate the success of the class of 2020

During graduation, we will have a live feed while also recording the ceremony for those who cannot attend. We will be posting this on our social sites and will have it available in dropbox if you cannot view via our social sites.

Additionally, while some school are still struggling with in class sessions in the fall of 2020, or starting virtually (online), Canyonville Academy will be open during the summer for summer educational classes and we are preparing for fall entry. Our students will be able to physically come and start their fall education as planned.

We are thankful for every one of our students, and delighted to see them succeed.

These students are a very special group which have:
1. Gained knowledge
2. Gained wisdom
3. Gained maturity
4. Gained a new perspective to understanding a crisis while in another country.

These experiences are priceless and our ability to help them through this global event has been an honor.

If you have a student that is staying here in the USA for the summer, they might want to partake in our FFSS program (Foundations For Student Success) There are 2 tracks with this program, and IEP (Intensive English Program) or a Dual Enrollment program for upcoming juniors and seniors. For our current seniors, we have offered an opportunity to stay here on campus while getting a head start on their fall college courses. They would qualify to take up to 9 credits through the summer by getting basic college courses completed before starting their Fall classes. These classes are available at a huge savings.

Corinne Burkhert
Chief Executive Officer
Canyonville Academy

Greetings from Canyonville Academy,

I hope this letter finds you doing well and staying safe. This update is to keep you informed of how we are doing here at the school.

Good News! The Coronavirus cases in Oregon remain extremely low. Especially here in southern Oregon. For fifteen days in a row, there have been no new cases in our county.

Rural Oregon counties are slowly starting to reopen. As of today, our Douglas County Board of Commissioners announced that our County Parks are reopening to the public on a limited basis. This is part 1 of a 3 step reopening process. If everything goes well, step 2 will take place in 2 weeks. We will continue to keep you informed.

Other news this week, our Governor has issued a mandate that required “no in school classes for private schools” and all schools to be virtual. We have complied with those orders and all students are staying in the dormitory for online schooling.

During these last few days we have noticed that students feel they can play online video games during the school day if they have a study hall. This is not an option. Students have to use their time wisely during the school day as others are in class.

As an alternative, students are able to work out and exercise in the weight room during their study hall (during school hours) if they come to the office and sign in and out of the weight room. After school, the students enjoy the outdoors and even others enjoy bicycle rides or walks on our beautiful east campus.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served as usual in the cafeteria and students are using social distancing while waiting in line.

Oregon is enjoying a beautiful spring, and everything is blooming! We are closely monitoring the students emotional health ensuring that they are engaged in school, and getting fresh air after school. As we carefully monitor student engagement and emotional health, we are continuously monitoring all Oregon updates on Covid-19 as we work to plan the end of the school year and graduation. We will inform you of more detailed plans as we work through each phase of Oregon opening back up.

Canyonville Academy is committed to the health and success of its students.


Corinne Burkhert
Chief Executive Officer
Canyonville Academy

April 13, 2020

Greeting from Canyonville Academy,

I hope and trust you are doing well. Here is an update of how things are progressing in Douglas County, Oregon.

This past week the students seem relaxed and in step with the teaching adjustments of in class and virtual. Here in southern Oregon, as of yesterday April 12, 2020, out of 14 cases of Covid-19, four people have completely recovered.

Our Interim principal Dawn Shepherd held the academic awards on Friday, towards the end of the school day. We have recorded it and put a condensed version on YouTube so you can watch. Click here.

This past weekend it was a beautiful sunny weekend. Students enjoyed a ping-pong competition Saturday evening, hanging out with their friends, riding bikes and enjoying the sunshine.

This week we are having additional dress up days. Today, Monday is bathrobe day. Friday is Bug Mania day. Each dress up day, the best dressed students (1 boy and 1 girl) can win a $10 prize to one of our local food take outs or our Dollar General store.

We will continue to keep you informed of what is happening here on campus each week.

Many blessings to you,

Corinne Burkhert – CEO
Canyonville Academy
Email –

April 7, 2020

Dear Parents, students and family,

We pray this letter finds you well! There is a huge question right now about current and future events regarding students, education and health safety for all.

As parents, I completely understand your concerns. Please rest assured, we are in a rural area. It is considered a sparsely populated area or countryside which is considered much safer than heavily populated urban areas. The statistics included here are to keep you well informed about Oregon. Oregon has a population of 4,236,400 million
people. As of today, Oregon has a total of 1,139 cases of the coronavirus. This is 0.00026886035313 percent of Oregon’s population. The majority of the coronavirus cases are on the United States East Coast which is approximately 3,000 miles away from Canyonville Academy. These areas are population dense areas.

Canyonville Academy has been complying with the guidelines of our President and our Governor of Oregon. In our last letter, Mrs. Shepherd and myself have informed you about our adjusted schedules for virtual school and 10 or less per classroom.

On campus we are using all possible precautions to be safe. One of the important factors we have in our favor is that we are in a sparsely populated area in the countryside which is considered much safer. Even our students feel safer. We have stocked up on facial masks and we have gloves should the students desire or need. We have plans to teach the students how to make their own special masks if they would like.

To assist and serve you and your students, Canyonville Academy has been preparing a way for continuous education in a safe, comfortable campus while getting a head start on their college and fall semester. This program will help students and families navigate through the churning waters of anxiousness and stress, and help them to rest and focus on their next steps in preparation for their future hopes and dreams.

Please be watching for Foundations For Students Success Special Summer Program tomorrow. We are excited to offer this to our wonderful students.

May you be blessed with peace,

Corinne Burkhert
Chief Executive Officer
Canyonville Academy

March 30, 2020

Dear Parents,

As of Monday morning March 30th we are running classes virtually at Canyonville Academy. Some teachers will be on campus teaching classes that contain less than ten students while other teachers have chosen to teach from home with their whole class going virtual. Larger classes have been broken up into two groups and will be in the classroom every other day as noted on a student’s schedule.

Our teachers are using an app called “Zoom” to provide a video feed while teaching. Each teachers zoom IP address is provided for the students to login to their lecture during their regularly scheduled time. Students will stay in their dormitory for all virtual classes. Teachers will be taking attendance so we have asked your student to use their name when logging in. Your child has downloaded the application to a device of their choice. Teachers will provide necessary documents through google classroom accounts, email, or have hard copies available on campus. Please directly contact teachers regarding questions your child has with classes. All teacher emails are provided next to the class they teach on PowerSchool. I will send a weekly update on any changes that might occur.

Dawn Shepherd

Coronavirus Update

Cases in Oregon remain low.  Canyonville Academy is diligently watching and following the guidelines of our governor Kate Brown.

This week has been very good so far here at Canyonville Academy.  Here is what our students have been doing:

Monday, we changed our trip to Crater Lake for a movie marathon day in the auditorium.  The students all mainly wanted to sleep in and watch movies or relax with their friends.

Tuesday, we started the Battle of the Teams.  They played basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Wednesday continued with the Battle of the Teams.  Small teams of students played soccer outside and enjoyed a beautiful day!

Thursday, we had signups to take students to Wildlife Safari, an animal reserve that people can drive through and see wild animals in their natural habitat.  It also was a beautiful day.  The students really enjoyed seeing lions, bears, zebras, elephants, emus, giraffes and a whole lot more.  The giraffes were especially fun as they walked close to the cars.  The students loved it!

Friday, students had opportunity to sign up and go hiking on a nearby mountain, and enjoy a bonfire with s’mores again.  Then later in the evening, the teams had a last competition to finish the Battle of the Teams.

Saturday – the Battle of the TEAMS Award Celebration where each team will be presented with a team award. We will announce winners that evening, followed by a line dance fun time! (All done in small groups)

Sunday, the students will go back to their normal deans and normal schedule.  And students will have a virtual chapel in the evening.

Monday, we are preparing a school schedule keeping in line with Governor Brown’s orders.  When the schedule is ready, we will also send it to you.

March 17, 2020

Greetings to all of you,

In light of these interesting times, Canyonville Academy is continuing to monitor and adjust its practices to best fit with Governor Kate Brown’s order of 25 or less in a gathering. Some changes we have made are:

⦁ Social distancing in the classrooms. This involves students sitting one empty desk apart from each other.
⦁ Staggering lunches and dinners. We have taken to staggering the times our students are taking lunches and separating the students to 3 different buildings. This would fall in line with Gov. Kate Brown’s orders of 25 or less in the lunch room.
⦁ We have installed sneeze guards on both sides of the serving area lines to assist in prevention.
⦁ PE classes. No transfer points of contact using balls, students will be doing calisthenics/exercises instead.
⦁ Chapel – virtual chapel on Wednesday with students staying in their 5th period bible class.
⦁ Teachers are sending school work home to day students who have high risk family members in their home.
⦁ Virtual classes live test will be happening on Friday.

We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward in step with local health departments and government imposed safety guidance.

Serving Him,

Corinne Burkhert
Chief Operating Officer
Canyonville Academy

Dear Canyonville Academy Students, Staff, Faculty and Families,

Like most of you, I have been intently following reports of this Coronavirus Covid-19 and considering the many ways in which this virus could affect my life and the lives of those closest to me.  These past few weeks have been a powerful reminder of just how interconnected we are and how our choices today can impact our options for tomorrow.

Here at Canyonville Academy, we are blessed to have a group of extremely dedicated people who have been working literally around the clock to respond to the multi-faceted challenges posed by this COVID-19.  As a team, they have been considering every possibility as they go about their important work on your behalf.  I write to you today updating you on a major adjustment that will limit exposure to the disease among our students and staff members.

Canyonville Academy is choosing to hold Spring Break here on campus for the safety of our students.  This is an answer to recent parental requests and hearing our own student voices as they voiced feeling safer here on campus.

During this time of uncertainty and using our best efforts to protect our students, faculty and staff, we are announcing that Canyonville Academy is NOT charging any fees for students choosing to stay on campus for Spring Break.

⦁ We purpose to have a full, fun schedule as follows:
⦁ Friday 3-20 Bon Fire on East Campus with hotdog and S’mores (weather permitting)
⦁ Saturday 3-21 Rest, online gaming and Karaoke night
⦁ Sunday 3-22 church service am – rest
⦁ Monday 3-23 Tubing – play in the SNOW day!  Diamond Lake Fun Pizza, S’mores and Hot Chocolate – Private Coach (weather permitting)
⦁ Tuesday 3-24 Battle of the TEAMS 2 Day Tournament – Intramurals, Badminton competition, Volleyball team competition, Basketball Tournament – (part of the rules use all your players in this tournament)
⦁ Wednesday 3-25 Continued Battle of the TEAMS – Tennis tournaments, Soccer teams tournaments, Chess tournaments, Trivia tournaments
⦁ Thursday 3-26 Rent out the Medford Theater – Movie and Popcorn day – Private Coach
⦁ Friday 3-27 Bandon Day at the Beach, Botanical Gardens and Clam Chowder – Private Coach (weather permitting)
⦁ Saturday 3-28 – Award Ceremony – Dance Party.
⦁ Sleep in, then back to your dorm day… Chapel in the evening.
NOTE:  All private coaches, busses used will be disinfected and wiped down by our own staff to ensure protection to our students.
A Food Service company will supply meals during this break.
⦁ To keep our students safe, if you still choose to have your student leave for their pre-scheduled Spring Break Trip, we are preparing a quarantine dorm for students who will be using public transportation such as airplanes, trains or buses.  All students who use public transportation will be placed in the quarantine dorm for 14 days when they return to campus.  They will be checked daily for any symptoms, and once the 14 day quarantine is complete, then they will be reintegrated into their dorm.
⦁ Students who choose to leave:  To protect our staff, and drivers, upon returning, student will have to use airport transportation automatically paid by the student his family.  Upon entering the campus, students will go directly to quarantine for the safety of you and your peers.
⦁ If the student is picked up by family in a private vehicle, we trust their family’s to care and be responsible for the students health and safety.
⦁ Staff who use public transportation during the break would be required to self-quarantine.  Private or rental vehicles are not part of public transportation.  (rentals should be wiped down with disinfectant as a precaution.)
⦁ Students who are quarantined will be required to attend virtual school and turn in all their work as required by the teachers.  Everything will be done digitally.
⦁ The quarantine also pertains to day students if day students use any public transportation while on break.  Day students will be required to quarantine at home and attend virtual school turning in all their work as required by teachers.  This is to protect you and other staff of our community here on campus who may be more susceptible to this disease than you are.
⦁ We have heard that Major Airlines carriers are waving cancellation fees and they are issuing a credit for up to 12 months.
This decision was not made lightly.  The goal of these adjustments are to minimize students to any public exposure outside of the school.

Our actions are consistent with the recommendations of leading health officials on how to limit the spread of this COVID-19.  This decision is also consistent with similar decisions made by peer secondary schools in Oregon.

We have setup a dedicated webpage for regular updates and additional information here – COVID.  You will also continue to receive School information via email.  If you have any questions about Spring Break please contact us at

To our students, I know it all sounds difficult to possibly be quarantined and separated from your friends.  We are doing this not just to protect you, but to also protect other members of our school community who may be more susceptible to this disease than you are.

To our faculty, I recognize that we are asking you midway through the semester to completely add a different dimension and rethink how you teach and score. We do this because we know that you want to avoid putting your students at risk.

To our staff, I understand that we are expecting you to go above and beyond in your efforts to support our important mission of teaching and mentoring.  We do this because we know we can rely on your creativity, your flexibility, and your sound judgment through these challenging days.

It is an honor to be a member of a community where people put the greater good above their own self-interest.  Thank you for your commitment, your patience and your resilience as we all learn to walk through this unforeseen circumstance, all the while sharing a deeper care for one another.

Wade Mumm James Davis Corinne Burkhert
President Executive Vice President Chief Executive Officer
Canyonville Academy Canyonville Academy Canyonville Academy

Dear parents of Canyonville Academy students,

Our first priority here at Canyonville Academy is the safety and good health of your child.

As you are well aware, the news has been abundant about the spread of the Coronavirus, now called Corvid-19.

At this moment in time, we have no reason to believe that the virus is a threat to our campus, yet we are prepared to respond should it be necessary.  With no cases on our campus, and 14 so far in the state of Oregon, we are on high alert and taking extra measures to ensure the safety of our students.

Here are our precautionary steps that we have taken:

1.  In January, we prepared by ordering dust proof/virus quality masks for every student.
2.  Students have been instructed to wash their hands well, (20 seconds using soap and water) and frequently.
3.  Students have also been instructed to distance themselves from sick people.
4.  With Spring Break approaching, students are concerned with everyone leaving the campus, then returning (they actually feel safer here on campus).  Students have expressed concerns of becoming exposed to the virus while on break.  To assist with these concerns, we are taking further steps such as:

⦁ Put together a task force that will assist with daily updates and direction on whatever steps we need to take to protect the students.
⦁ Evaluate our campus buildings for potential plans of deep cleaning and disinfecting before students return.
⦁ As students return we will:
⦁ take their temperature
⦁ monitor for any symptoms
⦁ ask questions such as
⦁ if they were exposed to anyone sick
⦁ if they went to any crowded places
⦁ how often they washed their hands
⦁ We have prepared with disinfectant wipes to use on all classroom and dorm room door handles daily.
⦁ disinfectant sprays for the bathrooms in all dorms and school bathrooms.
⦁ hand lotion to assist with dry hands due to frequent hand washing.
5.  Additionally, we are monitoring all available information from the Oregon State Department and all Oregon health agencies for up-to-date information and training to help us prepare and respond immediately if this Corvid-19 virus were to occur on our campus or in our community.

We want you to be assured that we are actively engaged in this issue here at Canyonville Academy.  We do not want our decisions to be driven by fear or misinformation, but we do want to be prudent and make decisions that if necessary, will benefit your child’s health and safety.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Corinne Burkhert at who is leading the task force and who communicates with me each step of the way.

Our hearts and our prayers are that our students continue to enjoy the peaceful environment here at Canyonville Academy, enjoy some time off for Spring Break, then return, refreshed and ready to finish their last quarter in preparation for summer.

Each student is very dear to us.  They are full of love, joy and life.  They are a gift, and a treasure.  We pray for them daily and are very blessed to call them our students.

We will be keeping you updated on a weekly basis.
May you continue to be blessed each and every day,

Wade Mumm
Canyonville Academy

Hello parents of Canyonville Academy Students:

I hope this letter finds you doing well. It’s hard to believe that we are already in March, and Spring Break is coming up soon! The news of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been dominating the news worldwide. Here at Canyonville Academy, our first priority is the safety and good health of your child. At this point, we have no reason to believe there is an immediate threat to our campus, but we are proactive and ready to respond. More on that in another letter to be sent soon.

This month, our students have gone shopping at 3 different places in Roseburg, this weekend they will have a volleyball tournament on Saturday evening in the gymnasium. The following weekend, on March 14th at 1pm there is an Iron Chef competition (cooking contest), lastly, we are renting out the Roller Skating rink on March 15th and bringing pizza for them.

Spring Break starts March 20th at 3:30pm. This is also the end of our 3rd quarter for grades. This means that any extra time students miss by leaving early, it will affect their grades as it is considered lost time. Teachers will be teaching classes and handing out school work until 3:30pm Friday March 20th, 2020. Grades will be calculated and reported during Spring Break.

Canyonville Academy’s mission statement states the following:

Building Character • Engaging Cultures • Promoting Excellence

The rest of our mission statement follows through with:
Through academic and non-academic programs, we purpose to:
Promote the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to fully participate in human affairs, while encouraging the desire to work toward effecting change and solving problems, consequently helping to create a better future for us all.
Transmit a knowledge and appreciation of the highest values, ideas and ideals of our Judeo-Christian heritage, upon which Western Civilization is founded.
Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while encouraging creativity and vision in all aspects of life.
Encourage an appreciation for God’s creation and promote a balanced stewardship of the resources entrusted to man.
Develop an awareness and knowledge of interpersonal relationships by learning communication skills, conflict resolution, social responsibility, and respect for authority.
Honor the sanctity of life and promote an understanding of various cultures and backgrounds.
Foster an awareness of the consequences of actions and a willingness to accept responsibility for individual behavior.
Provide positive, creative, and safe ways of having fun

We work hard to ensure that all of our students are taught well, learn values important for life, and learn to be respectful and diligent in their school work and in their afterschool time.

We ask for your assistance in helping the students stay focused till Spring Break begins as we continue to prepare them for the future in colleges, universities and then work.


Corinne Burkhert
Chief Executive Officer

1st Semester is √ DONE.  Second Semester Has Now Started.

We have just completed our first semester, and have begun our second semester of the school year.

This past weekend, we held a campus Super Bowl Party on our large projector screen in the auditorium for our students and staff.  It was full of football excitement, fun and snacks.

This week is our Spirit Week and Homecoming Week!

This new semester also brings the news of the coronavirus that is affecting Wuhan, China and surrounding regions.  At this time, all our students are well, but this has raised our level of protection for all students.  As a boarding school, we provide face masks for any staff or student feeling ill.  Students are encouraged to wash hands, cover their mouths if they cough or sneeze, and we encourage students to avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms. 

In the next few days, we will be sending out a separate letter to our agent partners for our student’s parents.  This letter will be informing them that we are monitoring this situation closely as we are preparing for spring break activities and trips. We are also looking ahead towards summer vacation and if some of our students will need any special arrangements if this epidemic situation has not been alleviated.   We will be sure to keep you informed.

Virtual Classes

As of March 30th, 2020, Canyonville Academy has begun to offer virtual classes. In order to better protect our students and teachers, classes larger than 10 students are being separated into different groups. Additionally, some teachers have elected to teach virtually online. More information regarding our virtual classes can be found below.


If you have any questions regarding how Canyonville Academy is managing any part of our response to the Coronavirus, please contact:

Cori Burkhert
Canyonville Academy CEO

Public Health Resources:
Current Enhancements To School Cleaning, Sanitation and Food Handling

Cleaning Routine Changed, Daily Cleaning Of:

  • Dorm door handled/knobs
  • Faucets and light switches
  • Toilet flush handles and cabinet handles
  • All counters and flat surfaces
  • Fridge doors and handles
  • Remote controls, controllers and keyboards
  • Trash disposed of more often

Encouraging all students to have proper hygiene:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Don’t touch face
  • Clean and cut fingernails
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Don’t share food or drinks.

School Assembly 3/10/2020 1st period

  • Demonstrated to students – Proper hand washing method
    • 20 seconds with soap and water

As of 3-11-2020 we have discontinued any self-serve areas in the cafeteria to minimize exposure.  This includes the following:

  • Bread, bagels, muffins, cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly will be portioned out.
  • Cereal will be available in individual serving packets
  • Salad bar will be served from the serving line.


The Cafeteria is sanitized daily using the following means:

  • all serving surfaces are washed and sanitized
  • all tables are washed and sanitized
  • all prep surfaces are sanitized ongoing throughout the day
  • food servers wash their hands for 20 seconds before serving with soap and water according to the guidelines set out by government health agencies.

Please see our COVID FAQs for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.