AP English Literature and Composition (Advanced Placement)

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AP English Literature and Composition is designed to engage students in critical reading and critical analysis of literature.This course is for students who have successfully completed honors English or have been selected by the English department as an outstanding scholar in the subject.This course is the study of the English language and English literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the 20th Century. The literature component of the course emphasizes drama, poetry, the novel, Shakespeare, and other selected works. Students receive instruction in the English language through writing, which includes the coverage and practice of advanced skills in language mechanics, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and organizational skills. The writing of functional, academic, creative, and documented essays is a major component of the language instruction.Furthermore, the class is designed for students who wish to earn college credit for English while still in the high school setting.Content is the study of English language and composition. Students receive instruction in language through writing programmed essays and AP College Board Language activities. The College Board components of the class mandate study in reading comprehension, writing specific types of essays, rhetoric, usage, capitalization, and punctuation. The class culminates fourth quarter with the AP Language test.The overall controlling force of AP English is the ability to read, write, comprehend, and respond or debate on a college level.
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