PXC Small Business Training; Coffee House Café a Vocational Education Course

christian boarding school, vocational business class, college preparatory high school, canyonville, oregon

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Vocational Education; Small Business Training: This class is a hands-on learning environment, where students will learn all aspects of running a small business. In this case, a coffee house café. As a vocational course, students will be applying such education fundamentals as Mathematics, English, Social Skills, Critical Thinking, and Home Economic skills.

Class Format:  Students are assigned a work schedule, and will work at least 5 hours per week. Students will train in each area of the operation, including cashier, host, busing tables, cleaning, barista duties, inventory tracking, health and sanitation, customer service, marketing, product safety and cost analysis. Students will serve actual “customers” (made up of student body and staff).

Quarterly Emphasis:

First Quarter- Customer service, Cashier (learning a Point of Sale program) Barista training, Product safety and sanitation, janitorial work.

Second Quarter-  Inventory control, theft prevention, marketing, cost analysis
This course does not have any sections.

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