Getting To Know Our Faculty and Staff – Daron Patton

College preparatory high school, Canyonville Academy's principal, college counselor and teacher, Daron Patton

Meet our staffMr Daron Patton - Principal - Career Counselor - College Advisor

College Preparatory High School, Canyonville Academy, has a wonderful group of people who work hard to make the school a place where students can grow and learn. We have a strong, diverse group of staff and faculty.   We would like give our students, parents, our faculty and staff more insight about those of us who work at this boarding high school.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be running interviews on many of our faculty and staff members. These interviews will give you an inside look into the lives of the amazing people who serve Christ, and serve here at the school to help our student’s flourish and grow academically as they prepare for college and university.

Our first interview is Daron Patton!

What is your name?
Daron Patton

What do you do at Canyonville Academy? Principal, Career/College Advisor, Registrar, Designated School Official (SEVIS), Chemistry Teacher

How long have you been at Canyonville Academy? This is my third year at Canyonville Academy.

What did you do before you started working here? I was a Medical Service Corps officer, public health specialty, in the Navy with over 20 years of military service.

Tell us a fun story about yourself, or something you experienced? In Sicily, I once walked more than 20 miles back home–unplanned—after getting on the last bus to a distant village.

Can you tell us about your family? My wife Theresa and I have two adult daughters (Katie (28) and Hannah (25)). Katie is the mother of our twin grandsons, Angelo and Andreas.

What is your favorite movie or TV show? Animal Crackers by the Marx Brothers is a favorite movie.

What is your favorite book? My favorite fiction book is probably Starship Troopers. It’s not a literary classic but it’s decent military science fiction.

What is your hobby outside of work? I like to play board games especially war games.

What is one thing you want everyone you meet to know about you? I hope that everyone I meet can see I am a follower of Christ. Being imperfect though, I reflect Him some days better than others.

What would you like to say to the students reading this? Parents? Believe it or not, I really do understand and empathize with you as a high school student. I didn’t believe that when teachers and principals said that when I was younger but I should have. All of us on the staff are here to help you prepare for success as an adult and we care about every student and want them to do well. All we ask from students is for them to keep a good attitude and a willingness to learn. Everything else is much easier if we have that cooperation.


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