Christian Academy’s Annual Survivor Fear Factor Race

Canyonville Christian Academy’s 12th Amazing Survivor Fear Factor Race was swept by a team of international girls!

christian academy winners of annual survivor fear factor race

April 25, Canyonville Christian Academy’s international students encountered a one-of-a-kind experience.   Holding our 12th annual Amazing Survivor Fear Factor Race filled with challenges, has been an exciting yearly event all students look forward to. To start, students have to select 5 team members that can work well together through a series of 16 challenges.  These challenges lead up to see which team wins.  Then the winning team competes against each other, with one person becoming the final survivor, winning the grand prize.

All the teams started with a building challenge using marshmallows and spaghetti noodles.  Then continued on to fighting through puzzles, math, culinary & physical tasks.  These students ran all over the city of Canyonville to complete their assignments on their way to try and win the prize.  Also to note, The Oregon National Guard brought a rock wall and jousting equipment to make things more interesting. This fun filled and enduring competition helps students learn cooperation and perseverance.  This valuable lesson is important throughout life.

In the end, Team Grey,  an international group of students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Rwanda won as a team, with their team member Macy Ho claiming the title of the Canyonville Christian Academy Ultimate Survivor of 2014.  Team Grey members are Azrah Pervais (Hong Kong), Precious Abesyu (Rwanda), Jennifer Chen (Taiwan), Tina Huang (Taiwan) and Macy Ho (Taiwan).


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