Christian Academy Alumnus Enters Columbia University’s Medical School

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Canyonville Christian Academy alumnus, Bart Celie, enters Columbia University’s Medical School!

There are many amazing testimonials on Canyonville Christian Academy’s alumni page, but this particular story was of great joy.

In 2006, Canyonville Christian Academy had a scholarship program for children of missionaries serving in various parts of the world. That year, Bart Celie and his sister, Karolien were offered full scholarships to CCA as children of medical missionaries in Bolivia. 
Bart excelled at boarding school. He took various Advanced Placement classes and finished strong as a senior. He even became Canyonville Christian Academy’s valedictorian. Bart’s parents, Dr.’s Rik & Sabine Celie, are from Belgium and raised both Bart and Kaolien on the mission field in Bolivia. Bart’s sister Karolien currently studying in England writes,

Ridiculously proud of my big brother, Bart Celie for receiving his acceptance to COLUMBIA MEDICAL SCHOOL today!! From working on our english papers in the campo of Bolivia, to getting that A+ in AP classes at CCA, to completing a surely excellent thesis at Boston College – his academic journey reflects the hard work and determination that is evident through this acceptance. I can’t think of anyone that deserves this honor more than you, Barty! Congratulations on making your life-long dream come true! Love you lots, and celebrating with you from a distance! 

On May 19, 2014, Bart will graduate with honors from Boston College with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Chemistry. Bart was accepted into Columbia University’s Medical School for Physicians and Surgeons. He will pursue his medical degree here with a special interest in bioethics. Congratulations from Canyonville Christian Academy on entering the Ivy League, Bart!

canyonville christian academy, alumni, columbia university, medical school, missionaries, bolivia

Bart practicing his future medical skills on his sister, Karolien while on the mission field in Bolivia



  1. Wimar van den brink: September 29, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Good job Bart, study hard and go for the best: be a neurosurgeon some day

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