CBA/CCA Alumni Reunion – Celebrating 90 Years Of Education!

Founder A.M. Shaffer, Bob and Esther Shaffer, at Canyonville Academy, previous Canyonville Christian Academy, Bible Academy, Christian boarding schools, private schools, in southern Oregon

Can you believe it?

This is Canyonville Christian Academy’s 90th year as a private high school! From it’s small beginnings in 1924 to today, this Christian boarding school has been a blessing to MANY and continues to reach out even further –  to the NATIONS!

What a legacy to share!

Canyonville Christian Academy, Bible Academy, boarding schools, private schoolsDad Shaffer would be amazed to see such a diverse group of international students on campus today, as would Bob Shaffer! Esther Shaffer has been really enjoying these wonderful students from all over the world and she continues to cheer for them at their basketball games!  Each year, Esther also enjoys watching young ladies “walk out” from Hinn Hall at CCA’s favorite event – JSB.  She enjoys viewing all the gorgeous girls in their beautiful dresses with smiles on their faces while young men walk up to meet them in their stylish suits!

top boarding school teacher, roger shaffer, teaching correct chess moves in seminar class

Roger Shaffer continues to teach two sections of Seminar class.  His special class introduces students to the basics of the stock market, he also takes students to various Symphony’s and Opera’s, Art Museums, Plays, NFL Football games, NBA Basketball games, continuing to enhance their knowledge on culture (all part of Seminar class).  Roger also quietly maintains different area’s of the school grounds in the early mornings and enjoys seeing the wildlife on campus.

You, as alumni have helped make all this happen!

Each year as more students graduate, there are more memories made here at Canyonville Christian Academy. So many graduates say they miss the campus, miss the teachers and  the close family feelings  they found while here.

You, as Alumni, have helped your high school become what it is today, a global outreach. Now students from over 50 countries also share memories that you have, as they are fondly looking back at their high school years. What a legacy!

christian academy junior senior banquet highlights, canyonville, oregon

Your high school continues to grow!

Private boarding school, expanding, improvements, new dorm

CCA has broken ground for the fourth dormitory which will be ready for students to move in September of 2015. Your generous support has helped Canyonville Bible Academy now Canyonville Christian Academy continue to grow, improve and reach out towards an international group of students.  CCA has been helping them overcome language barriers, academic barriers and cultural barriers. Thank you so very much for your heart-felt support and for holding CCA up in your prayers.

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  1. Don’t forget!…immediately following graduation we will
    have the groundbreaking ceremony on the future site of
    our new dormitory. You don’t want to miss it!

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