Canyonville Christian Academy’s Statement About the Chibok Girls

Canyonville Christian Academy students Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu have graduated from christian boarding school, from terror to triumph, chibouk bok girls succeed and finish their educations

A Statement about the Chibok Girls


Ten Chibok girls who escaped the Boko Haram terrorists came to the United States to complete their studies. During various semesters, CCA has been privileged to be home to 8 of these courageous young women.

In 2014, Canyonville Christian Academy was asked by the Jubilee Campaign to take four of the girls. It was our great pleasure to do so. We provided full scholarships, room, board, tuition, airline tickets and weekly spending allowances.

In 2016, the United States government asked if CCA would be interested in taking seven of the girls, including three of the girls who had previously attended. We provided full scholarships for the young ladies for our summer program. Two of the young ladies continued on at our school for the 2016-2017 school year.

Finally, on June 3, 2017, these two young ladies, Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu graduated from high school, completing their studies at the academy. Both of them are members of the CCA award-winning stock market team, which is a two-time national championship winner.

Thanks to the hard work of Joy and Lydia and thanks to the generosity of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, both women have received full scholarships, covering room, board and tuition.

We are very thankful for all who have prayed and offered assistance to these young ladies. We were very honored to have them pass through our halls and walk our campus. We will follow their lives with interest and best wishes. God bless each one of them.

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You can support Joy and Lydia as they pursue their dreams and continue their education at Southeastern University by donating to their GoFundMe campaign


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