What Makes Canyonville Academy So Special

 Students refer to Canyonville Academy as their “home away from home”

Our students come from all over the world and make global friendships that lasts a lifetime.  The students communicate together long after graduating from Canyonville Academy and college.
These young men and women are better adjusted than most when it comes to working in international settings, making them very desirable to hire especially in international businesses.

Canyonville Christian Academy History

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65 Nations Have Attended Canyonville Academy

Canyonville Academy continues to accelerate in it’s growth, it’s successes and it’s mission of excellence in the education of young men and women.

At this point, the school has had students from 65 countries, and continues to add new nations to the list.  The newest countries are Poland, Belin, South Africa and Congo (Democratic Republic/Kinshasa, also once called Belgium Congo.)

Canyonville Academy also has numerous ministers, missionaries, college professors, authors, medical doctors, lawyers, and high ranking military officers among its graduates.

3 Quick Facts About Canyonville Academy

1.  Canyonville Academy was founded in 1924 by Rev. A. M. Shaffer, recipient of honorary doctorate from Northwest University.

2.  The school is fully accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)

Canyonville Academy has received it’s 6-year approval as of 2015.


Additional accreditation facts:

  • It is approved by Oregon State Department of Education.
  • Canyonville Academy is certified by Oregon Department of Children Services.
  • The school is approved by United States Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • (INS) for international students.

3. Canyonville Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

  • Canyonville Academy is also a member  of the National Association of Boarding Schools (NABS)
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Advanced Placement Courses

Canyonville Academy offers Advanced Placement courses to help prepare students for college.

Advanced Placement or AP courses are a rigorous college level classes that can help you gain the skills and study habits you’ll need to be successful in college. When choosing to take an AP class, research shows that you’ll improve your writing, problem-solving, time-management skills, and learn how to stay focused on your work and goals.

Taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses can also help you get accepted into college.  Research has also shown that AP courses help students graduate from college in four years and qualify for scholarships.

Another bonus of taking Advanced Placement classes is it also shows that you are taking the initiative to prepare yourself for college-level work.

Graduation Rate Of 99.6%

Canyonville Academy has graduated more than 1,700 graduates.  Our graduation rate is at 99.6% in a 10 year average from (2005-2015), while the surrounding area schools average a graduation rate of 79.6%.  The National Average for the graduation rate is 82.2%

There are many factors that lead to a successful graduation rate, especially with the international culture here at the school.  Some factors are as follows:

  • Strong ESL program
  • Students feel like this is their second home
  • Students and teachers share a mentoring relationship
  • smaller classes and individual attention

Graduates from this boarding school have attended over 100 of America’s finest colleges.  To see the list of colleges, please click on the button below.

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Canyonville Academy Strengths

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Notable Alumni of Canyonville Academy

Canyonville Academy has an amazing list of Alumni.  This list includes the President of Northwest University (Washington), the President of Toledo University (Ohio), Provost of Zayed University (United Arab Emirates) President and founder of Wesley Institute (Australia); a Presidential assistant, Nuclear Engineer, screen writer, Portraitist, Pentathlon record holder, and more.

canyonville christian academy, alumni, columbia university, medical school, missionaries, scholarship, boliviaOur newest Notable Alumni is Bart Celie.  Bart graduated from Boston College with honors, and was accepted at Columbia University Medical School for Physicians and Surgeons – (an Ivy League university).  Congratulations to Bart Celie!  You can read more about Bart’s journey here.

View our list of outstanding alumni. Please click on the button below

Noted Alumni

Canyonville Academy has a unique multi-cultural student body.

This asset has propelled students forward into an international learning community.

At this time in their lives, they are learning about many other cultures lives, lifestyles and more well ahead of the curve.

This makes them desirable to the International Business market as most International Corporations would be inclined to bring them on board due to this experience alone.

Benefits learned:

  • Understanding a different culture
  • Working and collaborating with a different culture
  • Growing with a different culture
  • Problem-solving with one another
  • Overcoming obstacles with each other
  • Brainstorming with each other
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Diversity
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Vadim and Anastasia, Alexandra Eck’s parents – Moscow, Russia”

It has been four years. Four long years of welcome home and good byes. She wasn’t even 15 years old yet when she kissed us in the airport and she bravely took the step into the unknown.
We didn’t even fully understand how everything was going to turn out. First semester was agonizingly slow. After awhile it got better and easier and we started to get used to seeing her twice a year. Later we gradually realized that we made the right choice and the right decision. How did it express?
Every time she came back home we would see a whole new person: a little more mature, more independent, serious and less talkative, sometimes thoughtful, but still happy and full of joy. And what made us most happy was her responsibility and the desire to achieve her goals.
At the same time we understood that we are almost deprived of any parental interference, any influence upon bringing her up. We simply did not have enough time for it during those short breaks she spent at home. But every time she came back we felt and understood that there was no need in it. And every time we wanted to express a special gratitude to the Canyonville Academy staff members for the colossal work they put in.
After all fifteen through nineteen is a special age.
We sincerely state:
You gave us an educated, well brought up and an independent daughter;
You taught her to be responsible for her actions and words;
you taught her to work hard and to finish what is started;
You taught her to win;
And the most important – you taught her to think.