Canyonville Academy – Diversity at Every Corner

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Diversity at Every Corner

At college preparatory high school Canyonville Academy,  we pride ourselves in all of the cultures that our students bring with them. As a boarding school, we have a unique opportunity to give many students a place to call home. Even more than that, being a boarding school allows for students from across the globe to be able to come together as one. There isn’t a better place for the melding of cultures than here at Canyonville Academy. For over 2 decades, we have experienced dozens of cultures living together and becoming friends. Not to mention also teaching each other about our own lives, and about where we all come from.

Our student body currently consists of almost a dozen students from Africa. We have ten from China, seven from South and Central America, and thirteen from Taiwan. Many others students come from from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Lithuania. This is a very unique opportunity for students. Not many get to experience other cultures as much as they get to here at Canyonville Academy. It’s not often that a student from Korea, the United States, Rwanda and Panama are able to sit at the same lunch table together. These students will enjoy classes and sports together, and become lifelong friends. For the students here at Canyonville Academy, this is an everyday thing.

Statistically Diverse

Here at Canyonville Academy, we provide a very unique experience even within other boarding schools in the United States. There are not many other schools that can compete when it comes to the large range of countries our students come from. According to the website Boarding School Review, Canyonville Academy is far and above other boarding schools of similar student body size when it comes to our diversity. Indeed, coming to school here is a unique experience you won’t be able to find in many other places in the world.

We are very thankful for the God given opportunity to be able to teach students from around the world.  From everyone here at Canyonville Academy, we pray we continue to be a ministry to many, many different cultures for years to come. And by the grace of God, we pray that we can continue to learn about people and the place that they grew up, while teaching them about the beautiful country of America as well.


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