Canyonville Academy Alumnus Chosen From Stony Brook as Millennium Fellow!

Record Number Applied To United Nations Group

Alexandra (Sasha) Eck, 2015 Canyonville Academy alumnus, was one of the few chosen young leaders from a record number of applications (7,025) from over 1,209 campuses of 135 nations.

Eleven students from Stony Brook University are excited to be a part of something so innovative along with the opportunity pursue their passions.

Stony Brook reports that they are incredibly proud of their students who were selected to be Millennium Fellows.

We are incredibly proud of our students who were selected to be Millennium Fellows and who are seeking to creative positive change in their communities.

The selective Millennium Fellowship was launched in 2018. This semester-long leadership development program is based on students lead leadership for sustainable development-related projects that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their communities.  This Sustainable Development Goals is a part of the United Nations (UN)

As a Millennium Fellows, students will participate in a leadership development program which will help them improve in areas such as:

  • student organizing
  • partnership building
  • community impact skills

This year’s Millennium Fellowship is set to positively impact the lives of more than 978,400 people across the globe.


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Photo Courtesy of Stony Brook University; Sasha front row left


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