Students Go Skiing at Mount Ashland!

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Top christian boarding school students, enjoy skiing at Mt Ashland,

Canyonville Christian Academy’s second annual ski trip to Mt. Ashland Ski Resort on March 17th, 2018 was a big success!

8 students and 2 chaperones from the Christian boarding school drove approx. 2 hours to the California border, and then up Mt. Ashland to the lodge, located at the 7000 foot level. The resort was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a live band, and serving corned beef and cabbage at the concession stand.

Several beginning skiers spent the day on the ‘bunny’ hill, practicing the basics of staying upright and stopping while the other 7 were able to take full advantage of the 3 lifts and multiple runs on a fresh base of powder and groomed snow.  


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