Boarding School Students Send In Your Travel Plans!

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Summer is slowing passing and it’s almost time to meet your friends!

Welcome new and returning students to that time of year when you begin to think of your travels to boarding school in Canyonville, Oregon USA at a welcoming home called Canyonville Christian Academy.  We have been busy all summer long in preparation for your arrival and are excited to see you!

Here are some important things to remember as you prepare for your trip to Canyonville Christian Academy:

  • Arrival dates to CCA are August 30th and 31st.  Dormitories open August 30th at 9:00 a.m. and you cannot arrive earlier than August 30th.
  • Send your flight plans for your airport pickup to Mrs. Botsford, our travel coordinator at:
  • Airports and pickup fees are available here:
  • Plan all your flights according to the official dates on the school calendar.
  • Leaving early and arriving late from a school break is not allowed.  Plan according to the official dates on the calendar.
  • (International students)  Have your SEVIS form I-20 together with your passport when you arrive in the United States.  Do not pack your I-20 in your baggage, always carry it with your passport.
  • Save space in your baggage and do not bring bedding.  Bedding sets are available for purchase in your dormitory.
  • When you arrive at your airport (Medford, Eugene or Portland), your driver will have a sign that says “CCA” and meet you in the baggage area.
  • IMPORTANT:  If you miss a connecting flight or your flight is delayed, please call or text the Travel Coordinator at: 541-680-6152.  You can also email at Most airports have an Information Desk where they can make a phone call for you. Always remain calm. The airports are very safe.
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Send in your flight info!!



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