Boarding School Holds Iron Chef Competition

Christian Boarding School Iron Chef Competition, international students, activities

 Canyonville Christian Academy’s Iron Chef competition tests students’ culinary skills and creativity!

boarding school, christian academy, iron chef competition, activities

In this Iron Chef competition, students first pick a team including some of their peers and one adult mentor. Together, they must plan out a menu for a three-course meal and buy the ingredients. They are judged by a panel experienced cooks from Canyonville Christian Academy’s faculty and staff. This year’s panel included two of CCA’s cooks and two boys’ deans. Before the competition begins students are given a secret ingredient, which they must incorporate into every course of their meal. This year’s secret ingredient was… cheese!

The students were given a variety of cheeses to choose from to put into their meals. They were allotted a specific amount of  time in which they must finish preparing each course. Then, they must present their courses to the judges. The judges scored their meals according to its’ creativity, plating, taste, and use of the secret ingredient.

The winning team their mentor

Winning Team, Iron Chef Competition, Boarding School, Activities

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