Boarding School Has Hired A New Gourmet Chef!

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Gourmet Chef John Cavaner is welcomed at boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy!

christian boarding school, hires gourmet chef, for international student bodyGourmet Chef John Cavaner has a culinary arts degree from the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon.  Oregon Culinary Institute teaches Portland cuisine that leads the way in the art of food.  John came to this boarding school after cooking for the Tualatin Country Club in Tualatin, Oregon.

Canyonville Christian Academy has a diverse international student body.  These students come from various parts of the globe.  This year students have come from countries such as Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, Rwanda, Mexico, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belgium, Bolivia, United States, Denmark,  Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia.

Over 17 nations come to school here at the academy.  John Cavaner will be busy creating different ethnic dishes to tantalize this international student body.  His culinary skills will continue to be used as he creates dishes from scratch.  Along with creating international dishes, John will be introducing international students to American Cuisine.  He will be in charge of the daily meal planning for 130 students, staff and faculty.  This will be a challenging yet rewarding experience.  His organizational skills and menu planning skills will be very much appreciated at this unique yet globally known boarding school!

Welcome Jonny and family to Canyonville Christian Academy!


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