AP® Courses and AP® Testing

Why Are AP® Courses or AP® Testing So Important?

Today, students are aspiring to attend the very best colleges and universities.  With that aspiration, comes a lot of responsibility and work.  Some important questions to ask yourself as you prepare to choose AP®  classes and testing: Are you passionate about the subject?  Do you want to surround yourself with motivated, engaged students? Are you willing and/or prepared to put in extra time and effort?

If you have answered yes to those questions, then Advanced Placement® courses and testing can help you as a student reach those goals by spring-boarding you forward.   Example:  AP® courses are weighted to count as one quality point higher than a standard course.  For example, a ‘B’ in an AP® course count as a 4.0 for the course instead of a 3.0.

Canyonville Academy students enrolled in AP® courses are required to take the associated AP® examination(s) for those class(es).

Canyonville Academy has four key AP® courses and one Honors course available on campus.

  • AP® Physics
  • AP® Calculus
  • AP® English
  • AP® US History
  • Honors – Intro to Engineering

Canyonville Academy has AP® Testing available for the following courses:

  1. AP® Chinese
  2. AP® French
  3. AP® Micro Economics
  4. AP® Macro Economics
  5. AP® Biology
  6. AP® Calculus
  7. AP® World History
  8. AP® US Government & Politics

Some important things to keep in mind

AP® classes are much harder than average high school classes.

It is very important to keep up with your AP® classes

Some colleges offer college credit if you score high enough.

AP® classes are very fast moving.  DO NOT miss your class or skim the material.

BE PREPARED for your exam.

BE RESPONSIBLE – If you can handle a difficult class, then, yes, take the AP® class.  If you don’t think you can handle it, then do NOT take the AP® class or self-study for the AP® test.

AP® Classes and AP® Testing will boost your GPA - Get started now, take the NEXT STEP

What Does Advanced Placement® Offer Students?

Advanced Placement® offers academic skills students will need in college.  AP® classes/tests can boost your GPA and strengthen your college application.

Here are some simple tips to help you be confident in selecting your AP® classes or courses.

Study what you love
Consider your strengths by thinking about what topics interest you and which subjects you naturally do well in.

Self-Study – Impress colleges by self studying and taking AP® exams.
Self-Study AP® classes are when you study the AP® material independently instead of taking the corresponding course with the exam.

Work for AP® Awards – test do not need to fit within your prospective major, but may help in fulfilling your degree requirements.
With AP® Scholar Awards, you are recognized as achieving outstanding college-level performance. This gives you an academic distinction to put on your applications and resumes.

AP® Test Results From 2017

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