Annual Thanksgiving Dinner At CCA!

christian boarding school, Thanksgiving dinner, Canyonville, Oregon

Each year, Canyonville Christian Academy prepares a Thanksgiving Dinner for all the students the evening before Thanksgiving break starts.  This year, CCA, a Christian boarding school did a family style dinner for the students.

The boarding high school has both local students, and students that come from all over the world. Most of the international students have never experienced our Thanksgiving traditions, so every year, this private high school puts on a very special Thanksgiving dinner.

The cafeteria gets transformed into a dinner house atmosphere. Tablecloths cover the dining hall tables.  Glass stemware and china dishes are brought out and used, and even the special silverware is used.

Students are asked to dress up nice.  Then, as they arrived to the cafeteria they are escorted by the school staff to be seated.

For the duration of the evening, CCA’s staff including teachers, deans, cooks and administrators serve the students. The students enjoy an evening dinner and time to visit with their friends.  Lots of pictures, smiles and fun happens throughout the evening.

Staff pitch in together to get everything clean and put away.

Thanksgiving Dinner Pictures


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