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Welcome Back to Canyonville Academy!

Whether you called it Canyonville Bible Academy, Canyonville Christian Academy, or simply Canyonville Academy, we all know this campus as something simpler: home away from home. We want all our Alumni to know that they are always welcome back to our campus, and we hope you can engage with our amazing Alumni community no matter where they are!

Want to schedule a reunion? Talk to fellow Alumni? Learn more about our incredibly Alumni? Have questions about our Alumni services? You’ve come to the right place!


Looking to donate to Canyonville Academy? We have many options for donations, including donating to specific parts of the school or campus, funding classrooms or activities, or whatever you’d like to assist with!

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Interested in volunteering? We are more than happy to accept anyone willing to help. Regardless of what you can offer, we’d love to hear from you and find a perfect place for you to help our campus!


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We hope you like our redesigned alumni website, but if you have any feedback on any aspects of it, please let us know. We’re happy to hear suggestions or thoughts on how to improve your experience.