Alumni Dorm Fund Crosses $40,000 Level

Total alumni donations through Nov. 2012 have brought the CCA “New Dorm Fund” to over $40,000.  Thus far over 80% of donations are from alumni.

Although this figure is a small fraction of the estimated $750,000 cost, it is an important catalyst to help get the project underway.  The school’s board is looking at a January 2014 start date.

CCA currently has three dorms and reports that the two living facilities for boys are currently operation at full capacity.



  1. M.J. Benson class of ’78 is the office director for Good News India, an organization providing for 2,000 orphaned and disadvantaged children at 24 sites in India. She has been working with the aid group for the last 11 years and spent three years directing office operations in India. M.J. currently lives in Newberg, Oregon.

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