Hinn Hall – Girls’ Dormitory

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Beautifully gabled Hinn Hall was built in the 1920’s, and serves as Canyonville Academy’s girls’ dorm.

Hinn Hall was first named Hafterson House. It’s stately presence is a landmark in all of Canyonville. It’s beautiful front lawn, surrounded by redwood trees, offers a serene place to sit and visit with friends, complete homework or just enjoy Canyonville Academy’s natural beauty.

Hinn Hall is 3 stories high and caboarding school, girls dorm, canyonville, oregon, christian boarding schooln house up to 55 girls. It’s main floor is equipped with a large living room, kitchen, study area and a quaint chatting area.

The living room/great room offers large windows with multiple seating areas including a large circular sofa, a large screen television, and a cozy gas fireplace.

The study hall room has multiple tables and chairs along with several campus computer’s available for student use. There is also a cozy area off of the study hall room that has large windows, several chairs to curl up in and an acoustic piano to play music. This is a great place to just relax, chat with friends or practice your favorite piano piece.

The kitchen is large and roomy with several refrigerators and a large kitchen table. There also is a laundry facility in the dorm for the students adjacent to the kitchen’s back door area.

There are 25 rooms in Hinn Hall and each room is furnished with beds, dressers, closet space and desks for each student. The second floor has 14 rooms that houses a total of 31 girls.  There are 2 bathrooms on the second floor one in the south wing, one in the north wing. The third floor has 11 rooms and houses a total of 24 girls. It has one large bathroom.

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