A Senior’s Reflection

Christian boarding school, senior, reflecting on her high school years

A day in the life of a senior reflection at Canyonville Christian Academy:


Everyone always says that your senior year will fly by and you’ll wish you could do it again. That you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime and make decisions that will change your life forever. Not the decision on what am I having for dinner, or is this dress CCA appropriate. Rather the decision of what am I going to do in my life next?

Sleep is a very important part of the mornings, even that 2 extra minutes.  Having a pattern to get ready in under 20 minutes is key for maximum sleep.  Walking with confidence knowing that the first bell has already rung and knowing/hoping to make it to class before the final bell. Sitting through classes hoping to learn enough to make it through each day with a little more knowledge than the last.  Thinking that you can go to lunch earlier everyday “Because I’m a senior, I can do that right?” Going back to classes, hoping that the sun comes out for something to look at through the windows. Getting to go to the elementary school to help with the small children, but sometimes wondering if they are helping you more.

Filling out applications after application after application, hoping for at least one school to respond. Not knowing that by sending out those application, you’ll then receive 20 more letters in the mail that you didn’t want. Waiting weeks sometimes even months to see if you got accepted to your top school. Then there’s that one day when the whole world stops and you can’t hold in you excitement any longer. Then you read the three words that you wouldn’t dare say out loud not wanting them to suddenly vanish, “You got in”.

Now having to realize that college is months away and you still have to go to school. Feeling like the days are flashing before your eyes, falling asleep on a Monday and waking up and it’s already Friday. Where have the days gone? Gone is right, they are gone. All we have left is pictures and memories. Knowing that every senior wants to leave as soon as possible, there gets to a point where you just want the time to stop. Stop chasing the seconds of the clock, stop taking memories away, just stop.the.clock.

By: Victoria Callan – Senior Student – Canyonville Christian Academy 2014-2017


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