A List of 12 Things That Canyonville Academy Can Claim

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  1. Students who take our Global Leadership course graduate with a university level understanding of world economics. We are the two time national champions in the stock market contest. We have won the State championship 30 times. Out of 37,000 high schools in America, we cannot find another school that has won their state or the national championship twice.
  2. Our students invest real money and had a 120% rate of return last year, doing better than the top hedge funds in the world.
  3. The President of the United States mentioned two of our team members in a press conference this summer.
  4. Members of our stock market team were invited into the White House last summer to meet with Ivanka Trump and in the Oval Office with President Trump. It was featured as the photo of the day on the official White House website.
  5. Our board member helped organize a symposium for president Barack Obama.
  6. Students and board members of CANYONVILLE ACADEMY have met with President Ford, President Carter, President Reagan, both presidents Bush, King Abdullah of Jordan, President Buhari of Nigeria and many other world leaders.
  7. We have hosted symposiums at CANYONVILLE with the son of President Gerald Ford and President George HW Bush and the brother of President George W Bush. Such events expose our youth to world leaders and allows them to ask questions.
  8. We are the only private college prep high school in America that we know of to have our events featured on national television. C-SPAN.
  9. No other school has been featured in PEOPLE, COSMOPOLITAN, TIME as we were this past year. Or featured twice on the NBC TODAY SHOW.
  10. The president of our school was interviewed numerous times on national television this month to talk about the Trump-Kim Jong Un summit in Singapore.
  11. Last month one of our 2017 graduates addressed the United Nations.
  12. We are one of the only prep schools in America to take students at any level of English. We take great pride in this program. For example, Richard Wang came to CANYONVILLE without a word of English. By 2016 he was finishing a graduate course at Stanford University and had built a multi-million dollar business. We are proud of him.
Finally, as a Christian school, our kids are not allowed to drink alcohol on weekends, as often happens in other boarding schools in Europe and America. A mother can feel at peace in sending their child to us. Each child is  loved, cherished and protected. Isn’t safety the first concern of any parent?


And all of this at a remarkable price


These are some thoughts that come to mind…




Dr. Edward John,
60 years in education,
Alumni of Canyonville Academy
Member of the Board of Administration