12 Reasons To Select Canyonville Academy

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1.  Nearly 100 Years of History

Canyonville  Academy began operations in 1924 90 years ago. This means that we have a great legacy of experience and traditions. Schools that don’t learn, adapt, and have high standards often do not survive. Our history is evidence of our durability.

2.  Values and Integrity

Canyonville Academy, a college preparatory school offers classes in math, science, history, languages and literature. But more importantly, we help students learn values, character, integrity, and the worth of others We believe there is no higher calling than this.

3.  Cost

Why does Canyonville Academy cost less than many schools that have strong international student programs? Since its founding, we have striven to be a distinctly affordable Christian school. The school is virtually debt free and tuition is subsidized by active alumni. Our facilities and buildings were largely paid for by supporters and alumni of the school. We are able to pass on the savings to our students and their families in the form of very reasonable tuition.

4.  College Admissions

Over the past decade, Canyonville Academy graduates have gone on to many fine colleges in the U.S. and other countries. We offer a full range of testing services for college admissions and we offer college counseling to help our students through the admissions process. To view the list of colleges click here.

5.  Individualized Attention

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At our school there are 2 deans (dorm parents), and 1 teacher for every 10 students. Our goal is that every young person that comes to Canyonville Academy receives a high level of personal attention which is sometimes difficult to achieve in larger schools.

6.  Multicultural Experience

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Students have come to Canyonville Academy from over 61 nations. Understanding and interacting with people from all over the world is a valuable experience. In the world of the internet and international business, it is greatly beneficial to have global connections and be able to speak English as it is the dominant language of commerce — Canyonville Academy can help to provide a strong foundation for success.

7.  Natural Beauty And Climate

When you look out in any direction from the school’s campus, you will see beautiful mountains covered with evergreen trees.  A lovely stream flows through the middle of campus. Southern Oregon has a very comfortable climate.  In a normal year there will be two or three days of light snow and perhaps 30 inches (80 centimeters) of rain.  View more information here.

8.  Return Rate

A substantial majority of students return for multiple years here at Canyonville Academy, as well as recommend us to their friends and family.

9. Rural Environment

Canyonville Academy has the advantages of being away from the distractions, congestion, noise and dangers of big-city locations. The school is located in the small town of Canyonville, within three blocks or less of a bank, post office, market, restaurants, pharmacy, and a medical clinic.

10.  Christian Conduct

Canyonville Academy is a Christian school. In part, this means that one of our primary goals is to maintain a high standard of conduct on our campus. Parents and students who choose Canyonville Academy can be assured that we will maintain a high level of moral conduct among our students. Drugs, alcohol and immorality are not permitted, and hazing or bullying is not tolerated.

11.  Real Life College Preparation

Time spent at a high school specifically a boarding school, is a valuable preparation for college life. Students will learn how to be self-motivated, budget their time and money, make good choices on their own, even to keep a clean room and do their own laundry. Time spent here at Canyonville Academy prepares students for college in ways that go far beyond what they can learn in textbooks.

12.  Distinguished Alumni

We take great pride in the high-achieving graduates from Canyonville Academy. Our alumni include:

  • Artists & Authors
  • Doctors
  • College Presidents & Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Leaders in Government & Business
  • High Military Officers
  • Ministers & Missionaries
  • Police, teachers, Nurses, Inventors, Computer & Software Developers, the finest Moms & Dads
  • and on and on!

View a list of Canyonville Academy’s Notable Alumni here!