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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Canyonville Christian Academy desires to raise up servant leaders; people of integrity who lead by example and service. Through CCA’s Ambassador Program, select juniors and seniors are chosen and trained to be leaders on campus, in their dorm, and in life.leadership, hard work, boarding school, christian academy, student leaders

Near the end of every school year, rising juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to apply to be a part of the Ambassador Program for the next school year. All of the Deans along with Head of School, Cathy Lovato and Head of Discipline, Brian Fye, discuss and decide together which students demonstrated great leadership qualities throughout the school year such as responsibility, teachability, honesty, empathy, kindness, and respect. They look for students with passion, commitment, and determinationSuch qualities will help the students as they are in leadership to accept guidance, seek self-improvement, and overcome any trials.leadership, student leaders, canyonville christian academy,  boarding school

This week the Ambassadors for the 2014/15 school year flew to Canyonville Christian Academy from all around the world (Colombia, India, Russia, Rwanda, and South Korea). They arrived a week before the rest of the student body for training and relationship building. First, they went to Redding, California with their Deans for two days. They attended Bethel Church, where they were encouraged to, “Be present, be thankful, be focused, and preserver.” They also went to a water park and had a great time getting to know their Deans and fellow Ambassadors better.

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After they returned to CCA, they spent the next few days helping prepare the campus for the new school year. They worked in the dorms with their deans and around campus with Mr. Payne, Head of Facilities. They worked very hard and showed great teamwork. We could not be prouder of them and look forward to seeing them lead and grow throughout this 2014/15 school year at Canyonville Christian Academy!

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Canyonville Christian Academy Seminar students jumped out to a quick $4,607 advantage two weeks into the Capitol Hill Challenge, the national investing game. In the contest, teams invest online with a hypothetical $100,000 starting position.

There are more than 2,700 teams/schools entered in the 2013 competition that runs through May 10.

This Christian Academy has placed in the top-seven four times in the final standings in prior games.

One of the top boarding schools in the nation had the founder of Good News India speak for their student chapel.

Reverend Dr. Faiz Rahman
visited Canyonville Christian Academy and spoke to the Christian Academy’s student body at the school’s weekly chapel service.

Rev. Rahman spoke on how he came to know Christ, as he was born and raised in a Muslim home in Calcutta, India.  In one of his testimonies he explained how there were miracles happening around him that had no other explanation except that it was God.  This led him to believe that the one and only God was very real, he found the joy of Salvation in Jesus Christ while he was in High School at the Assembly of God Church School in Calcutta under the ministry of Missionaries Mark and Huldah Buntain.

Dr Fiaz Rahman with Soniya at Canyonville Christian Academy, in Canyonville, Oregon. This is one of the Top International Boarding Schools in the USAReverend Rahman is the founder of Good News India a nonprofit Organization that rescue’s orphaned and/or destitute children in India BEFORE they are sold into bonded slavery.  This ministry has an outreach to the destitute children of Southern Asia and operates 25 centers in North India, where nearly 2500 children are fed, housed, educated and taught the Word of God. This includes a remote tribe who has been, until now, a violent, marauding, primitive tribal group.

Good News India also operates a large Leper Colony with 50 adults and their 85 children. Very few ministries are reaching out in a concerted and strategic effort to minister to the many hundreds of lepers that live a miserable existence in Orissa and West Bengal. Good News India feeds/clothes/medicates about 350 lepers in 4 different centers.

Rev. Rahman continued to share stories and testimonies to the students for 45min.  He then asked Soniya Sherpa a boarding student from India to share a few words of testimony.  Soniya is one of the rescued children from Rev Rahman’s ministry.

Dr Rahman and Soniya from Good News India, in front the the Girls Dorm at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville, Oregon. CCA is one of the Top International Boarding Schools in the United States

Soniya came to CCA through help of M.j. Benson a CCA alumnus herself.  M.J. is currently on staff with Good News India, and was instrumental in guiding Soniya through the 2 year process to complete all necessary paper to be able to come to CCA.  As part of CCA’s outreach for teenagers from all over the world, the school is providing Soniya with a scholarship to make it possible for her to attend.   Soniya has excellent English skills, is a very good student and is a beautiful Christian young lady.  We are very glad to have her.

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Canyonville Christian Academy has a unique class that has taken the students into the world of Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Social Media and WebDesign.

This class is now in it’s third year here at CCA, and has accomplished quite a lot in those years.

Students from SEO/Internet Marketing are taught the nuances of the internet, changes that happen with Google Algorithms, Social Media channels to use, why use them, when to use them and then they put it all together and go out into the community and help local businesses create a web-presence.

Last year the class created six websites for businesses in the Canyonville area, this year, the class tackled a large website as a group project – Myrtle Creek Golf Course.

canyonville christian academy, social media class, learn social media, learn internet marketing, canyonville, boarding school teaches social media and internet marketing

To start this project out, this largely diverse class first looked at the current website, they then reviewed the changes they could make and improve, compared what other golf courses offered all over the world and they then selected several different new looks for the Myrtle Creek Golf Course.

With an action plan in place, they invited the superintendent of the golf course to interview him and learn more about the needs of Myrtle Creek Golf Course.  Following this meeting, and a trip to tour the golf course, the real work began:    ReDesigning and implementation of the new design.

canyonville christian academy, social media class, learn social media, learn internet marketing, canyonville, boarding school teaches social media and internet marketing

Myrtle Creek Golf Course - Before

canyonville christian academy, social media class, learn social media, learn internet marketing, canyonville, boarding school teaches social media and internet marketing

Myrtle Creek Golf Course - After

Within 5 days, the new golf course website was up and running with all Social Media strategies and vehicles in place, backlinks started, multiple visuals available and a completely new look!

SEO class, Internet Marketing class studies about today's word of mouth marketing online at canyonville christian academy

Face it, the way we market, the way we hear the news, the way we shop and now the way we teach is rapidly changing.

Canyonville Christian Academy is also changing with technology.  SEO/Internet Marketing has been taught here at CCA for the past 2 years.  With a focus on “Word of Mouth Marketing”, “keyword strategies”, “social media strategies” and “wordpress webdesign” Canyonville Christian Academy has brought this Academy into the 21st century teaching it’s students cutting edge technology and marketing.

The Internet is the vehicle used today for business, marketing, sales, teaching, training, socializing and more. Teaching our future generations the ever-changes nuances in this field prepares them for college and the job market.  Learning about Facebook Marketing, Twitter listening skills, using the right broadcast channels to reach potential clients, youtube video marketing and most important – helping businesses be found online through key strategies is vital for any job seeker, business owner and CEO.

[image_video type="image" title="SEO/Internet Marketing Class" image_url="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Wordpress-Design.jpg"]

Canyonville Christian Academy’s SEO/Internet Marketing class successfully created and marketed local area businesses adding value to their community.  Gaining monumental training, skills and hands on experience helped prepare these students to market most any small business successfully with today’s marketing strategies. This college level class sets the students ahead with a full understanding of how Internet Marketing works.

Students in this class had to schedule business meetings, meet with business owners on their schedule, gather information for content, schedule picture shoots then create a web-presence for that business.  Following, they then trained the business owners on how to run their new websites.  Truly a great college prep high school class!

You can view their work below:

Promise Natural Foods & Bakery

Countryside Veterinary Services

Ken’s Sidewalk Cafe

Oregon Sunshine Espresso

Commonwealth Garden Shoppe

El Paraiso Mexican Restaurant


Canyonville Christian Academy will start incorporating the use of iPads in the classrooms.  Are you ready?  See our summer special!

Tour the campus in 90 secs

canyonville christian academy's graduating class lined up for Baccalaureate Sunday

Graduation is less than a week away!

[image_video type="image" title="Baccalaureate Sunday" image_url="http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Baccalaureate-Sunday.jpg"]

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Senior Class!

Sunday was Canyonville Christian Academy‘s Baccalaureate Service.

Canyonville Christian Academy’s president Shawn Hennessy encouraged seniors as he spoke on the butterfly effect which is where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.

With almost all the teachers and staff attending this final Sunday Chapel here at CCA, there was a mixture of excitement and sadness.  This is the time of year that everyone starts out anticipating when school starts in the fall; but after 9 months you bond as a family while boarding. School here at CCA becomes like one giant family that studies together, plays together, works together and achieves goals together.   As this time of year does arrive, everyone’s excitement becomes mixed with the realization that some will not see each other again.  Students realize that Canyonville Christian Academy bonded them with  friends from all over the world, but also with teachers and staff that have encouraged them, prayed with them, watched over them, helped them, corrected them, mentored them and are now preparing to send these students off with much care and love…

Seniors, we congratulate you on your accomplishments as we prepare to send you off to your next adventure – College.

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Canyonville Christian Academy is nothing like a large, traditional boarding school. Its small closeness enriches our students in a family atmosphere, while empowering them with core values and ethics that have a life-long, profound effect on their lives.

With a 10:1 student ratio, CCA gives students the individualized education they need, while offering award-winning programs and activities they enjoy.

Located in Canyonville, OR, the school is surrounded by some of the West Coast’s most beautiful mountain land.  Read FAQ

Canyonville Christian Academy Offers Internet Marketing Class

Why Boarding School Has Become So Important!

boarding school, campus, view, canyonville, christian academy, top international boarding schools, southern oregonBy offering quality courses, a good student/teacher ratio, and plenty of personal interaction, boarding schools equipe their students for success.   The following five facts courtesy of TABS explain this in greater detail.

Promise of Better Academics –  60% of students enroll in boarding schools because of the promise of better education. Over 90% of students admit they find their schools academically challenging.  Another fact is that boarding school students spend more than twice as many hours ( 17 hours boarding school vs. 8 hours public school) a week on homework than their peers in public schools.

24-Hour Learning – Due to the unique and encouraging campus environment boarding schools provide, students are tremendously active outside the classroom.  These students participate in more extracurricular activities than other students, whether it is exercising and playing sports (12 hours vs. 9 hours), engaging in creative endeavors like music and painting (6 hours vs. 4-5 hours), or participating in student government and club activities (35% vs. 27%).  Teachers are also on campus to help encourage and nurture (mentor) students in all these areas.

Learning to Lead – One distinctive characteristic of boarding schools is that character development counts as much as academics.  The environment of which teachers live among their students, and students live away from home, allows itself to the development of self-discipline and independent thought.  Leadership opportunities also emerge. More than three quarters of boarding school students are given leadership opportunities, with teachers and deans mentoring those talents, which is a far higher percentage than public and private school students.  This also allows students to gain the specific advantage of regular interaction with their teachers outside of the academic setting.

Baccalaureate, christian academy, canyonville, top international boarding school, oregonCollege Ready – Boarding school environments along with greater mentor guidance and greater personal responsibility, deliver graduates to universities with an unequaled level of preparation.  Eighty-seven percent of graduates agree in this, while nearly 80% added that they were equally prepared in the non-academic aspects of college life, which includes independence, social life, and time management.  Public school students state that they were in no way prepared for college let alone college life.

Getting Ahead – Beyond college, boarding school graduates are most often professionally accomplished and philanthropically active adults. By mid-career, more boarding school graduates achieve top management positions with more frequency than students from other schools. More impressively, 60% of alumni give to social service organizations, compared with 46% of all others.

Students rally around the Pilots during a basketball game. Many students who have never watched a live basketball game before instantly become fans as the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots take the floor.

Boarding Students have fun here at Canyonville Christian Academy

Both public and private schools have advantages, however there are many definite differences between the two.  Differences in private and public school can be outlined with four main topics; cost, admissions, governance, and curriculum.

The difference in cost is a very shocking difference between the two.  Public schools on one hand cannot charge tuition.  They are funded completely through federal, state, and local taxes.  Private schools on the other hand charge tuition, and use fund-raising, donations and private grants to function.  The Digest of Education Statistics 2005 from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports that for the 1999-2000 school year, the average private school tuition was about $4,700. One must remember however, although there is a cost for private schools you are paying for a more focused education that is specially picked especially for your child.

Admissions is also a difference in private and public schools. By law public schools must admit all children.  In order to enroll your child you must fill out necessary paperwork.  As a result of public schools educating all children, there are inevitably a vast range of learning levels which causes less specified attention for every student.  In Private schools admission is selective and often very competitive. Private schools are often looking for a particular kind of student whether it is an underprivileged child or one that has high academic potential to meet the mission of that school.

Governance is also a comparative factor between private and public schools. Public schools must follow federal, state, and local laws in the education of their students.  Such laws control specifics such as; funding, program development, and curriculum.  As an advantage of being independently funded, private schools are governed completely internally.  This factor gives private schools special freedom in designing curriculum and instruction that relates to their particular mission.

Finally curriculum presents many differences in public and private schools.  Public schools offer a general program designed for all children regardless of disabilities.  Classes always include subjects such as; English, reading, writing, science, history, and physical education.  The substance of such courses is controlled by the state and is measured through state standardized testing.

Differences in public and private schools are numerous.  As a parent one must carefully assess all possible options as every child has a different learning style.